Bro Nouveau Podcast


Dr. Nikki Blacksmith: Industrial Psychology for Venture Capital, Censorship in Academia, and the Science of Work Performance

Ep. 86

086 - Dr. Nikki Blacksmith is a scientist-practitioner in the field of Industrial Psychology. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the George Washington University and is the co-founder of Blackhawke Behaviour Science. Blackhawke Behaviour Science assists venture capital investors in conducting psychological due diligence.


1:00 - Nikki introduction and path to higher education; measuring psychological phenomenon 

8:00 - Developing self-awareness 

12:00 - Censorship in Academia 

20:00 - Founding Blackhawke

26:00 - Thoughts on Antiracism & Pro-Diversity Zeitgeist & VC Industry

32:00 - Dynamics of venture capital investment 

40:00 - Personality and Skill assessment for startups 

44:00 - Self-Centricity & Entrepreneurial Performance 

50:00 - What distinguishes Blackhawke’s personality assessment? 

Blackhake’s Website:

Blackhawke’s Blog for Startups: