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Bro Nouveau Memorable Moments 2022

Take an journey back through 2022 on the Bro Nouveau Podcast with these memorable moments from episodes throughout the year.


1:30 - Dr. Deb Miller on repairing a relationship after infidelity

6:45 - Dr. Eddie Capparucci on pornography addiction 

10:15 - Jevon Wooden, life coach, on tough conversations

12:30 - Kamaka Dias of the Hawaiiverse Podcast on the paradoxical nature of being native Hawaiian and an American citizen

16:15 - Dr. Ann Troung on preventing and treating erectile dysfunction without prescription ED medication 

19:45 - Ed Cronin, retired police chief, on why the “thin blue line” exists in police culture 

23: 15- Jackie Petit Homme, CFP on steps to financial security 

28:45 - Bobby Andaya, former military and law enforcement and entrepreneur, on setting up a structured life to boost productivity and limit temptation 

34:00 - Shannon Petrovich, therapist, on dealing with and maintaining empathy for difficult clients