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crafting for christmas, diverity and inclusion = kindness and unpacking matrescence.

Season 1, Ep. 48

We are 48 episodes in to this year and haven't we learned a lot!

This episode is no exception. Join Jo Stanley and Bianca Chatfield as they talk about how to get crafty with your Christmas gifts with comedian and mistress of the glue gun Cal Wilson. Then we learn about the difference between empathy and compassion, and how knowing what to use to help understand other people's experiences can be a game changer when Winitha Bonney joins us, and did you know that when a woman becomes a mother she transitions through a process called matrescence. Our third guest - Elise Clement tells us all about it.

It's like adolescence and acknowledging that lots of things change for the woman when motherhood happens means we can all understand the process and each other more.

It's a great episode!

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