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Ep 9: Under Threat!

Bristopia is under threat! Find out more in American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler’s latest documentary on social responsibility. Before that, Andy reads the latest headlines in Bristopia, which includes gentrification in Stokes Croft, chip pan fires and the effect of plastic bag charges on the city. Then, we meet Klaus, a German man who's in the city to work behind the bar at the recently opened German Christmas market. Now, clink together your £3 deposited glasses of gluhwein and enjoy the show! Come to our live show! Tickets here: Join the Facebook event: Bristopia on Facebook: Bristopia on Twitter:

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  • Ep 13: Skyballs

    Bristopia returns for another episode – broadcasting from 2017, your host Andy Price once more exams the state of the country from the UK's new capital city, Bristol. This is the first show post-Brexit – will its fallout in the future be tackled? Yes, and no. By which we mean a little bit. In today's episode, Andy gives you a rundown on what's been happening here in the future in the last few weeks and how it might affect YOU, before sitting down to chat with our in studio guest this episode, the returning Mrs Miggles. Despite trying to murder Andy to the tune of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time, he's foolishly let her back into the studio to talk about the difficulties of going paperless when you don't know how to use the internet. And of course, American Intern Exchange Student, documentary-maker Justin Crockler is back with our main story. The UK's film industry has moved shop to Bristol and is attempting to reignite Britain's movie output with the next installment of the James Bond...
  • Ep 12: A Period Drama Set at Sea

    The episode nobody asked for, in which American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler investigates the impact of the Tampon Tax in Bristol in 2017. Elsewhere, in our second show of 2017, Bristol Prime Minister Gavin McFabulous returns to discuss how he's getting on with the newly elected mayor, and his former school bully, while we also welcome pensioner Mrs Miggles onto the programme for the first time to discuss what it's like being old in the future. But before all that, your host Andy Price answers more of your FAQATT (Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel). Enjoy! Plug: Come see some of the Bristopia team take part in a live table read of celebrated, but unmade Hollywood script I Am Ryan Reynolds. It's an inside look at the marriage, career, and mental state of 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive and found its way onto the 2014 Blacklist ( which has spawned numerous Oscar winners. It's gonna be a hoot. It takes place on June 10 at The Cube in Bristol. Starts at 8pm. Tickets...
  • Ep 11: Welcome to 2017 (Season 2)

    Welcome back to season 2 of Bristopia! After a challenging live show closed our season 1 on an appalling note, your host Andy Price finally made it out the other side of his nervous breakdown to host the first episode of season 2. Welcome to 2017 you say? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means we're in the future, keep up. Seriously though, over the break Andy had a bunch of spare time and invented time travel, so season 2 of Bristopia takes place in the future: 2017. It's like the worst sci-fi ever. WE MEAN THE BEST. In today's episode Andy explains, concisely, all of the above. We discuss Bristol's new status as capital of England and meet our new prime minister Gavin Mcfabulous. Elsewhere we find out what office culture is like in the future before finally catching up with American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler who presents his latest documentary about how Bristol is now overrun with cat cafes to the extent that many establishments have now had to create elaborate ways to diversify. ENJOY YOUR FUTURE.
  • Ep 10: Bristopia Live!

    It's Bristopia's first live show! Join host Andy Price as he chats to local animal keeper and podcast favourite Bob Wildlife, local poet Richard Biscuit, Aardman Animation's number one fan Ellen Waddell, who's here to read out her very own Wallace and Gromit screenplay, and musical guest Will Harding alongside a few other special guests and old favourites. In the show we also take a look back at what's happened in Bristopia in 2015, talk about Bob and Richard's new show 'Animal Crackers', and find out what happened when the BBC invited Richard Biscuit to read out ancient Timelord poetry in the Tardis Sex Dungeon on the Doctor Who Christmas special. You don't want to miss this FULL HOUR or Bristopian fun. Bristopia Live! was performed at The Cube in Bristol on 11 Dec. 2015. It was written by and starred: Andy Price Ellen Waddell Ben Thurston Tim Goodings Will Harding ...and Owain Paciuszko as The Ghost of Rupert Murdoch Watch the short film we opened the show with!...
  • Ep 8: Crocheting Miniature Sandals for Kittens

    In this episode of Bristopia, podcast host Andy Price is in PRISON! Taking place from HMP Horfield, Andy struggles to come to terms with his incarceration for the murder of last episode's guest. Along the way we meet his cellmate Graham, who agrees to an interview in which he reveals his involvement in the Banksy's recent Dismaland exhibition. Elsewhere, Bristopia's chief documentary maker American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler is struggling with his latest commission: To find new evidence in the murder case that sent Andy down. Does he succeed? Will Andy be freed? Was there more to the case than meets the eye? Join Justin and Andy as Bristopia goes true crime in an attempt to steal a piece of the Serial Podcast pie. PS Bristopia will be doing a live show in December – make sure you listen out for details. And follow host Andy Price at
  • Ep 7: Peaches, doughnuts & doughnut peaches

    In this episode of Bristopia, your host Andy speaks to a man that's getting extremely frustrated with the Aardman Animation studios, a young lady trying to make it big as a film reviewer – if only she could grasp simple film plots, Bob Wildlife returns and opens himself up to ridicule by hosting his very first Twitter Q&A, before finally, Andy and Bristopia's American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler talk to a business woman that helps other businesses find their niche. I mean, guys, she came up with the concept of the doughnut peach. Just like the peach, she's sweet enough, but also like the peach, she might be about to meet a sticky end... God, sorry for that. Awful.
  • Ep 6: The Poet Laureate for Roadworks & Traffic Delays

    This episode your host Andy Price meets the brand new Poet Laureate for Roadworks & Traffic Delays, invites reckless animal handler Bob Wildlife back into the studio to offer advice on Bristopia's biggest animal and non-animal (read: erectile dysfunction) problems. Elsewhere, American Intern Exchange Student Justin Crockler returns to the studio to present his latest documentary about Bristopia's latest small business venture: an events company that hosts strip poker nights for office Christmas parties.
  • Ep 5: Wherefore Art Thou, Justin Part 2: Welcome to Wahlburgers

    Andy finds that completing another episode of Bristopia is far too much work without the show's recently departed American intern exchange student, Justin Crockler, and takes his ex-girlfriend Producer Sally to New York City to track him down in this heart-warming radio play. Andy and Sally's goal is to win Justin back, both to the show, and into Sally's heart – however, when the pair argue over the priorities of the trip, it turns sour and Sally ends up having to take advice from a certain Hollywood actor and former rap superstar. So, join the Bristopia team in a completely different city, and find out if they can lure Justin back to sunny Bristol.