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Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

Season 4, Ep. 22

Brett picks 2012 comedy horror Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, which takes the trope of a group of teens going to the woods and getting picked off by creepy locals and flips it. There's Cliff's suspects list and music from Hazy Sundays with Hear the Truth

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  • 31. V (1983): The 80s horror sci-fi revisted

    A sci-fi show from the 1980s that takes in horror and a fairly obvious dose of Nazi iconography. Remade years later, here we look at the original. Music is Bloom from Jim Sanger and Arttu Silvast.
  • 30. Batfink (1966-67): Cult animation from the sixties

    Brett picks Batfink as this week's quick-fire topic. A cartoon we both remember from morning TV in the 80s. There's also music from Ekranoplan.
  • 29. Bottle Boys (1984-85): Best-forgotten 80s sitcom

    We look at Bottle Boys, a 1980s sitcom with Robin Askwith, which Beatles scholar Mark Lewisholn hated. There's a milk quiz and music from Joe Adehmar.
  • 28. Duty Free (1984): Keith Barron gets trapped in the Costa Del Sol

    We look at the 1980s British sitcom Duty Free starring Keith Barron, after being obsessed with it thanks to a Vic and Bob mention. Music comes from The Rampants
  • 27. Bouncer's Dream (1987): Inside a cult Neighbours episode

    We're back with an episode looking at Bouncer's Dream, a cult moment from Aussie soap Neighbours that sees the show's dog dream of getting married. There's also a bonus focus on the Moldovian Massacre from Dynasty in 1985. Music comes from Slick Pete Flash with Silhouette.
  • 26. A brief introduction to The Go-Betweens

    After a short break, the lads are back with an episode about one of Cliff's favourite bands, The Go-Betweens. There's a quiz about Australia and music from Violent Vickie.
  • 25. John Carpenter's They Live (1988)

    Looking at John Carpenter's They Live, starring Rowdy Roddy Piper with one of Brett's old friends. There's a quiz and music from Simulakran Lab.
  • 24. Evil Dead 2 (1987)

    We return to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series, with the 1987 sequel, sometimes called Dead by Dawn. There's also a quiz and music from Lines of Flight
  • 23. The Rutles: All You Need is Cash (1978)

    We welcome Luke from The Mariners to talk about 'the best comedy ever made' (his words) The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash. From Python Eric Idle and songwriter Neil Innes, the Beatles homage and pastiche is filled with clever songs and star-studded cameos. Music comes from Luke's band