cover art for Wonders In Letterland (1985): The first appearance of kids TV favorite T-Bag

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Wonders In Letterland (1985): The first appearance of kids TV favorite T-Bag

Season 4, Ep. 36

A look at an 80s favourite T Bag, but not in the guise we remember. There's a tea-based quiz and music from The Heavy North.

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  • 2. The Brittas Empire (1991-97)

    Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie plays Gordon Brittas, an obnoxious leisure centre owner in this 1990s British sitcom. There's also a quiz from Cliff and music from The Shop Window.
  • 1. So, Peter Gabriel (1986)

    Revisiting Brett's favourite album of the 80s, Peter Gabriel's So. There's also a survival quiz and music from Amateur Ornithologist.
  • 37. Christmas song special

    Brett and Cliff are joined by Luke from the Mariners for a festive ramble though their favourite Christmas songs, with Luke's band supplying the song to close the episode, Chaotic Crazy Christmas.
  • 35. Wogan (1983-93): A look at the broadcaster's all conquering chat show

    A shallow dive into Terry Wogan's talk show, discussing some of the memorable guests and the great man's interview style. Music comes from MAZE with Actions
  • 34. Cash on Demand (1961)

    Looking at Hammer's 1961 Cash on Demand. A gem of a thriller with two increadible leading performances. There's a quiz and music from Manchester band, The Juice.
  • 33. John Carpenter's Suburban Screams (2023)

    John Carpenter returns to the screen for the first time in more than a decade with Suburban Screams. The horror master exec produced the mystery-based true crime anthology, directing the final episode. We discuss the first show of the series, Kelly. Music comes from Slick Pete Flash with universe (Full of Stars).
  • 32. Automan (1983)

    Automan is a 1983 TV show from Glen A Larsen (Knightrider, Battlestar Galactica) and takes the effects pioneered in Tron and puts them in a detective show. Hammy acting, corny dialogue and improbable plotting ensue.Music comes from Willy Bo Walker.
  • 31. V (1983): The 80s horror sci-fi revisted

    A sci-fi show from the 1980s that takes in horror and a fairly obvious dose of Nazi iconography. Remade years later, here we look at the original. Music is Bloom from Jim Sanger and Arttu Silvast.