Crossing the Rubicon


Interview with Francesca Zampaglione

Francesca Zampaglione is a Dress Code Whisperer, International Podcast Host, Confidence Coach and Keynote Speaker who clarifies the direct line between image, confidence, and career success.

She works with professionals and business owners on how to communicate the importance of image in supporting the company brand.

Her international podcast Office Flip Flops, features interviews with world class leaders in business, celebrities, successful authors, and TEDx presenters--all to inspire her listeners with confidence to be the best version

of themselves.

If you’re looking for personal growth, positivity, confidence boosts, and insights from incredible leaders who share brilliant ways to be kind, this podcast is for you.  

As a Confidence Coach, Francesca helps clients overcome the barriers that hold them back from success by managing behaviors like self-sabotage, procrastination, and negative


In September 2022, Francesca completed training under the Imposter Syndrome Institute led by Dr. Valerie Young, the world-leading expert on the topic. Francesca is part of the first class to complete this training as an

Imposter Syndrome Coach Practitioner.