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Getting It Wrong To Get It Right

Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Belief, Ego & Success

Season 3, Ep. 1

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams. His singular ability to get results for top leaders has drawn over 150 CEOs and their management teams to address change in the workplace. Marshall is recognized as the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker and #1 Executive Coach.

I have had the privilege to spend time with and interview some amazing leaders over the years.

As they share their stories of life and business I find out what makes them the people they are. I'm honored to share their stories with you

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  • From Frustration to Fulfillment: Embracing Guidance for a Purposeful Life

    Welcome back to another episode of "Getting It Wrong To Get It Right." In today's episode, we have a special guest, Shelley Jeffcoat, who will take us on a journey of self-discovery, faith, and the importance of surrendering to a higher power. Shelley shares her personal experiences of hitting a wall and realizing that she couldn't fix things on her own. Frustrated with herself and envious of others' success, she turned to the Lord for help.Shelley Jeffcoat is a passionate individual who is dedicated to spreading hope and inspiration to those in need. Shelley is excited and ready to share a powerful message that she believes will touch someone's heart. Shelley's enthusiasm and dedication make her a valuable asset in bringing hope to those who need it.Joe
  • Choosing Joy: Path to Happiness and Making a Difference in the World

    Welcome to the podcast where we explore the stories of individuals who have taken unconventional paths to find success. In today's episode, we have a very special guest - Declan Coyle, author of the life-changing book, "The Green Platform."Host Joe Dalton sits down with Declan to delve into his remarkable journey and the impact his book has had on thousands of lives around the world. But before they dive into the book and its profound values, Declan shares his personal story.
  • Armando Aiteri - What companies will survive the advent of AI

     Armando Aiteri - CEO of Neubloc, a strategic consulting and implementation firm focused on AI including generative AI.
  • The Power of Customized Sales Strategies: Getting It Wrong To Get It Right

    Welcome back to another episode of "Getting It Wrong To Get It Right"! I'm your host, Joe Dalton, and in today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Jeb Blount from a company that specializes in developing playbook works for businesses. Jeb is here to share his insights on the art of prospecting and overcoming rejection in sales.Throughout our conversation, Jeb highlights the importance of tailoring sales strategies to each company's unique vision, message, and system. Drawing parallels to coaching a football or rugby team, Jeb emphasizes the effectiveness of implementing a systematic approach to running sales plays.
  • Negotiating with Confidence: Harnessing Tactical Empathy for Better Results With Chris Voss

    Welcome back to "Getting It Wrong To Get It Right", the podcast that explores the art of negotiation and how learning from our mistakes can lead to success. In this episode, we have a special guest joining me– none other than Chris Voss himself, the CEO of Black Swan Group and a renowned expert in the field of negotiation. Get ready to delve into the fascinating world of negotiating as if your life depended on it, as Chris Voss shares his valuable insights and strategies. From dealing with hard bargainers who threaten and scare you to understanding and utilizing tactical empathy, Chris will provide you with practical tips to navigate even the most challenging negotiation scenarios.But that's not all – we'll also uncover the secrets behind effective skill development, and how repetition and consistent practice can transform your negotiation abilities. Learn why emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in successful negotiations and discover the different negotiating styles that can be tailored to your unique strengths and weaknesses.And if you've ever wondered about the importance of preparation and gathering information before a negotiation, we've got you covered. Chris will shed light on how the negotiating table can be your best ally and why understanding the other side's emotions is key to reaching mutually beneficial agreements.Join us for an insightful and engaging conversation with Chris Voss, as we uncover his experiences as a 24-year veteran of the FBI and explore his innovative negotiation methodology. With real-life examples and practical tips, this episode will equip you with the tools you need to negotiate like a pro and achieve your desired outcomes. Get ready to master the art of negotiation – because in this episode, we're getting it wrong to get it right.
  • From Bankruptcy to Blockchain: How Bitcoin Saved a Struggling Entrepreneur

    On this episode of Getting It Wrong To Get It Right, our host Joe Dalton sits down with guest Clare Darwish, who shares her personal journey through the world of investing, property markets, and the corrupt nature of banking and politics. Clare started a successful letting agency, sourcing properties for investors, including those from Ireland. However, she faced a difficult time when the property market crashed, struggling to pay her mortgage. This experience opened her eyes to the corrupt systems in banking and politics, leading her to believe that changing the system is unlikely in her lifetime. Clare emphasizes the importance of being concerned about your money in the bank and seeking help from financial experts.
  • From Servant to Sovereign: Dorothy Journey in 'The Wizard of Oz

    On this episode of Getting It Wrong To Get It Right, Joe Dalton invites guest Dave to discuss and analyze the classic story, "The Wizard of Oz." They delve into the various allegorical elements and hidden meanings present throughout the narrative. Dave points out that the character Dorothy serves as the only servant figure in the story and highlights her choices as she navigates through a series of challenges. The hosts draw attention to the revelation that Dorothy had real money, specifically silver shares, all along, prompting her to realize that she can rebuild herself independently.
  • Striking the Balance Between Safety and Choice

    Gary Nuttall believes in the importance of choice and options in society. He recognizes the necessity of regulations in certain areas, but also advocates for a libertarian world where individuals have freedom. As long as both regulated and libertarian approaches can coexist, Gary sees it as acceptable. However, he is wary of situations where one side tries to eliminate the other, as this leads to polarization, conflicts, and troubles. Joe Dalton
  • The hidden tabo thats affecting our younger population

    Join us for our latest podcast episode "Getting It Wrong To Get It Right" I will be chatting with Barry Aughey from LA519. Barry shares how we can help our youth navigate through their teenage years. We'll delve into the challenges that young people face today and explore how we can support them in making the transition to adulthood. #podcast #mentalhealth #teenages #netwirking #SuicidePrevention