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Coaching and Leadership. With James Martin

James Martin

Training, Coaching and Leadership Specialist

James Martin’s coaching transforms organisations through the unlocking of the true leadership power of managers and teams.  His insights into human needs psychology and people behaviours helps release the radical interdependency and build the key relationships your team needs to succeed.  His goal is to help companies add millions to their bottom line through the development and empowerment of  people at all levels. 

Over the past ten years James has trained hundreds of  business leaders all over the world and coached in many diverse arenas including banking, construction, recruitment, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture, technology and sales.  He is also a trainer at the Anthony Robbins’s Mastery University – a world-renowned coaching academy on Personal and Professional Development, Business Mastery and Leadership.   James is a qualified trainer, a licensed NLP practitioner and holds a diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching accredited through the European Coaching Institute.

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