Joe Dalton


A community-based banking system, can it work?

Jim Miller. - The Public Banking Forum of Ireland 

As the bailout has cost the Irish people about €70billion,and some, we can have 10 new clean banks for less than €150 million over a 5 year period; that is less than €40 per man woman and child.

Jim is one for creating a political alternative to the party-political system..... he believes in a community-based system where elected persons offer their loyalty to the public, and not to political parties, secret clubs and secret societies. It seems that the challenge to define and create that alternative is rather BIG. Identifying a new Ireland and envisioning same is a must for all; realising that most history as presented is a big fat lie, isn't easy to accept. However Cudenhove, in 1922, scripted much of what we see today. He has come to the conclusion that the EU is a Marxist communist experiment, which Jean Monnet advised that the public should never understand. EIREXIT should be yesterday.

Some history that will make you stop and think.

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