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Ep 45: Power up Linkedin and discover how it can work for you. With Kim Peterson Stone Influencer

Linkedin is a must for B2B

On this weeks Radio show #BreakthroughBrands on Dublin South FM, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Peterson Stone.

Our conversation leads us to past failures and today's wins. Kim shares her step by step process that she uses that made LinkedIn award her the title of Influencer

Kim Peterson Stone’s passion is inspiring others to reach their fullest potential by living fearlessly with a no excuses approach. She speaks, writes and teaches these principles to individuals, organizations, and groups regularly.

She is the Creative Mind and CEO of, a digital marketing firm within the health and wellness space since 2009.

Prior to CSH, Kim was the Founder of Light Force Therapy, Inc. a company that rapidly became a multi-million-dollar leader in the light therapy industry. As a result, LFT was featured in various big-name publications, including but not limited to New York Times, Inc., The American Medical Review on PBS, Newsweek and The Denver Business Journal.

From that experience, Kim learned and began to master the power of telling your story online, maximizing your reach globally and turning visibility into relationships and then to sales.

Kim has attracted 188,000 + Followers on LinkedIn with her articles and outreach and now delivers the most effective and engaging social media training, consulting and thought-leadership based on real-world result.



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