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  • 1. Ep. 1) David Bowie

    "Welcome to Episode 1 of Breaking Glass - The Bowie Catalogue. Two men named Mike and Adam sit down to discuss each album made by the iconic Mr. Bowie one by one. Maybe we'll learn something new? Maybe we'll have a few laughs? Maybe we'll become better people? Join us in the inaugural podcast as we introduce ourselves and discuss the 1967 self-titled release."Originally recorded - 2016

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  • 2. Ep. 2) Space Oddity

    "Stop looking at the carpet! We still haven't cleaned up the awful drawing on it.Mike and Adam finally stop moaning about their idols first album and discuss his second album 'Space Oddity'. Taking time to discuss the Bowie night at the BBC proms, remembering Alan Vega and playing "The Great Game", the conversation continues."Originally recorded - 2016
  • 3. Ep. 3) The Man Who Sold the World

    "Check us one time, won't you? Won't you check us at least one time? This episode finds Mike and Adam enjoying the sights and smells of Tewkesbury Farmers Market. Between admiring the cows and cakes at the WI stand they find time to discuss David Bowie's third opus; The Man Who Sold the World. Listen as they consider it's proto-metal leanings, multiple album covers, whether or not the title track is over-rated and take time to ponder what it's like to live inside Kanye West's mind for one morning."Originally recorded - 2016
  • 4. Ep. 4) Hunky Dory

    "Join Mike and Adam as they journey back to a time where the Isley Brothers were tinkling the guitar strings in search of their monstrous hit 'Summer Breeze'. Whilst visiting they take the time to discuss David Bowie's seminal work 'Hunky Dory'. What's the best song? What song shows us the way to Ziggy? Was Robert Smith really unhappy about performing 'Quicksand' live on stage and does Paul Buchanan have enough nibbles for Tewkesbury? All these questions and more will be touched upon if not answered. JOIN US!"Originally recorded - 2016
  • 5. Ep. 5) The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars

    "Adam's on business in the Negative Zone and Mike's relaxing on the set of Confessions of a Milkman. However there's a David Bowie album to discuss. Is Rock n' Roll Suicide the best album closer ever? How many times is the word 'Love' said in Soul Love? Is the album really the iconic masterpiece that it's held up to be? Well two boobs will give their opinions on it.Plus Mike's Mum solves the Hunk Dory Great Game debate, a quick chat about Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree and we welcome the actor Powers Boothe into the VIP area."Originally recorded - 2016
  • 6. Ep. 6) Aladdin Sane

    "No expense has been spared as Adam, Mike & The VIP Area find themselves in the auspices of the Court of the Crimson King.This episode the album with possibly the most iconic album cover of them all is up for discussion - Aladdin Sane. Many questions will be answered:What other song would be a better album opener?Which is the best of the Mike Garson piano-led numbers?What's the difference between Ziggy Stardust pre and post America?How much is the Crimson King charging to rent the space?Do we all have to put our ties on when The Bad Seeds are in the room?Find out in Episode 6 of Breaking Glass - The Bowie Catalogue"Originally recorded - 2016
  • 7. Ep. 7) Pin Ups

    "Rome burns but Adam and Mike care not a jot because there's a Bowie's cover album to be talkin' about. Join them along with the VIP Room as they discuss such important matters as: Is Sorrow the best song on the album? Is anyone's favourite album a covers album? What would a psychedelic Bowie sounded like? Who had the better autobiography Peter Ustinov or Errol Flynn? All these questions and more will be discussed but not necessarily resolved in Episode 7 - Pin Ups"Originally recorded - 2016