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Fire Woman - Josephine Reynolds

Ep. 10

My guest this week is a woman who has challenged gender discrimination from a very young age when she questioned why she had to bake cakes and sew at school while the boys got to have fun learning wood and metal work ! She describes herself as the accidental feminist who became the first British female fighter at the age of seventeen back into 1982.

Josephine (Jo) Reynolds has had a life packed with incident and action which she writes about so humorously and eloquently in her book FIRE WOMAN. Her book provides a unique insight into the camaraderie that comes with risking your life on a daily basis and stands as the inspiring true story of an extraordinary young woman who took on what was supposed to be a man's world and won.

Today, we discuss how :

Why Jo seemed destined to become a firefighter (1:10)

How Jo was a rebellious teenager and grew up in Wales (4:00)

Jo applied to join the firefighting service, not realizing she was the first girl to do so until the press turned up! (5:04)

Challenging it was for Jo as a seventeen year old girl training to become a firefighter (8:33)

Jo finally Fittied in after passing her firefighter training and gaining respect of her peers. (18:18)

Jo's first real emergency on the job was a tragic accident that involved one of her closest friends. (21:15)

Jo leaves the service, travels and discovered a new passion (25:40)

Traveling to China and south East Asia lead Jo to find a new passion and purpose (32:40)

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Resources mentioned:

Trailblazing author of FIRE WOMAN my memoir

Inspirational Speaker / Find me

Talent for Westland Horticulture Online Ad

Discussing gender discrimination on The Gap. Thank you LADbible.

Founder Slogan t-shirts for heroines!

 Voted one of EDP Norfolk's 100 most Inspiring Women 2020 

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