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What Made Igor Persist In Getting The Attention Of The US Government? Exclusive Interview With Igor Zijan

Ep. 87

Igor Zijan is the founder and CEO of System Of All LLC, a consulting, research, and development company. He is also the founder and CEO of System Of All token SALL, System Of All Multi-Sig Wallet founder and CEO, and the coming 3D NFT Collection, The King of Elites Club. Already in his earlier years, he was a goal achiever with several noteworthy accomplishments, including the award for special achievements from the European Business School when he graduated from economics in 16 months, finishing 36 annual exams and graduation exams.

In this episode we discover the following: 

 1. The evolution of brain wave devices

 2. What made Igor persist in getting the attention of the US Government in order to get a new law passed for technological abuse? 

 3. What is “Havanna Syndrome"?

 4. What is entrepreneurship and what role should we all be playing in solving problems? 

With podcast host: Mark Sephton

Hope you'll enjoy the episode!


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