• 123. How To Change Your Life In 3 Minutes - Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview With Regan Hillyer

    Regan Anne Hillyer is a Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Energetic Coach, International Speaker and Mindset Coach and the CEO and founder of, amongst other ventures, Regan Hillyer International (RHI), a global 8-figure business. Originally, she graduated as an Architect (BArch) then was attracted to the personal development and business success niche, qualifying as a Certificated Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist, amongst other certifications and training. Regan Hillyer International (RHI) is primarily an enterprise dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to help them have it all in their life, on their terms. In addition, Regan is the creator of the world’s Number One Manifestation Method - the “Energetic Architecture Method™” a unique manifestation modality that uses the quantum field to allow people to manifest the lives that they desire. Her results include but are not limited to, enabling people to build multiple six and seven-figure businesses location-free, using powerful mindset-changing tools and cutting-edge business development strategies. Regan is a true thought leader in her industry and is a published, best-selling author of multiple books as well as featuring in a variety of media outlets including Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan Magazines, ABC, NBC, and CBS networks. In addition to her media appearances, Regan has appeared on the covers of and modelled feature spreads for; Glamour Magazine, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, LA Weekly, GOSS, Forbes, and In Touch magazines. Born and educated in New Zealand, Regan is now principally based in Costa Rica, however, she has an internationally renowned presence and reach. Through her online platforms, Regan’s wisdom has gone viral on social media and via her in-person speaking engagements and retreats, Regan continues to empower and impact the lives of millions of people.In this episode, we discover the following:How to change your life in 3 minutes.The power of listening - trusting and acting.Why the soul-led place is critical to the life we want to live.How the energetic body is affecting our decisions and choices.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 122. How To Inspire Trust - Exclusive Interview With Troy Love

    Troy Love is the self-love torchbearer with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh (earned through countless all-nighters and a perogy-filled survival saga). Currently navigating the Land of Sand and Scorching Heat (Yuma, Arizona), where Han Solo met his sandy fate, Troy is the founder of Finding Peace Consulting. He is dedicated to guiding folks toward greater peace, joy, and love (and surviving the occasional sandstorm). Wearing multiple hats – Psychotherapist, Educator, Consultant, and Keynote Speaker – Troy's a two-time Amazon Best-Selling Author (more self-help, less groupies) and a TEDx speaker (his kids can confirm his endless talks on self-compassion and living in truth).In this episode, we discover the following:How to inspire trust.How to create effective change.How to assess our own credibility.How we can better love ourselves during the holiday season.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 121. The Importance Of Granting Yourself Permission - Exclusive Interview With Claudia Cometa

    Claudia Cometa graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2003 and completed an additional year of specialized residency training in clinical pharmacy. Her career in healthcare spanned several states and a wide variety of clinical settings. In more recent years, she became certified as a pharmacogenomics practitioner, Radical Remission Health Coach and Workshop Instructor, and meditation instructor. Dr. Cometa is presently a leader in healthcare consulting, advocacy, and elevating the patient experience. Her father's death left her with a compelling need to fill an identified gap in the medical system. She has since dedicated her life to helping individuals find answers, clarity, and peace in a chaotic system. She is the Founder and CEO of Peace Advocacy Group, a nationwide advocacy company dedicated to elevating the patient experience.In this episode, we explore the following:The importance of granting yourself permission.How to go from reactive to proactive.How to overcome fear when seeking medical advice.Why forgiveness is crucial for wellness.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 120. The Importance Of Human Connection For Our Mental Health - Exclusive Interview With Sean Perry

    Sean Perry, founder of We R H.O.P.E. Inc., is a pioneer in youth mental health coaching. With over 20 years of experience, he's an expert in addressing mental health support inequalities. As a certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, and specialist in various mental health disciplines, Sean is adept at tackling key issues faced by young people. Notably, he introduced youth Emotional CPR in schools. Additionally, his roles on the Board of Directors for the NEC and MHTTC showcase his leadership in mental health. Sean's dedication to empowering youth and his innovative methods make him a standout figure in his field.In this episode, we explore the following:The importance of human connection for our mental health.The best ways to improve our mental health.Alternatives that Sean and We R H.O.P.E. offer beyond existing mental health support systems.The question of whether mental illness is a choice.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 119. What Are The Main Needs Of People Going Through A Divorce? - Exclusive Interview With Sherille Marquez

    Sherille, a Transformational Coach and founder of Sherille Marquez is committed to empowering divorced women and single moms through powerful changes. She draws inspiration from her own journey of overcoming a devastating divorce while raising two sons. Sherille spent many years in self-study and trial after realizing crucial elements were missing, despite consulting with several therapists. After rebuilding her life and that of her children, she felt a calling to give back, addressing the needs of divorced women who struggled to connect with traditional therapy. Integrating science, spirituality, and alternative healing modalities, Sherille facilitates comprehensive transformations through personalized coaching and programs, recognizing the profound impact of divorce on a woman's total health. Sherille is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change, striving to redefine post-divorce narratives, empower women globally, and contribute to a society where strength and resilience are celebrated. In this episode, we discover the following: What are the main needs of people going through a divorce?How to redefine post-divorce narratives.Why it's important to look within when we hit rock bottom.Why it's important not to use children to punish the other partner. With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 118. How To Cope With Anxiety And Painful Emotions - Exclusive Interview With Dr. Lori Ochoa

    Dr. Lori Ochoa is the founder and owner of Life by Design Inc., a company specializing in personal development coaching and training. She received her doctoral degree in psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis and has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2008. She is a coach, speaker, and workshop leader in the area of personal development for individuals, companies, and organizations. Dr. Ochoa is the executive director and co-founder of Bloom Behavioral Health, a company specializing in behavioral health therapy. In addition, Dr. Ochoa consults and is on the board of directors for The Women’s Empowerment Network and The Local Wellness Foundation. Within her coaching, training, and mentorship, Dr. Ochoa utilizes an evidence-based process called Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). Her mission is to help individuals maximize their potential, optimize their well-being, and thrive in life utilizing the science of psychology and behavior.In this episode, we discover the following:  1. How to cope with anxiety and painful emotions.  2. The benefits of acceptance.  3. The attachment we give to our narratives.  4. How to sharpen our perspective.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 117. Three Beliefs And Values That Have Helped Kim Navigate Life - Exclusive Interview With Kim Ward

    Kim Ward helps female entrepreneurs find their empowered voice so that they can have over-the-top fulfillment and over-the-top sales! As a certified master transformation coach, Kim combines mindset shifts with NLP modalities into her digital marketing training so that her clients evolve in ways that break old patterns and kickstart results in their business! Kim Ward helps female entrepreneurs find their fire so they no longer feel defeated and guides them through decisions that move them toward their goals instead of sleepwalking through their days. As a certified master-level life and business coach Kim combines a powerful mindset and NLP modalities with effective digital marketing strategies that produce over-the-top fulfillment and over-the-top sales for her clients. She has built a multiple 6-figure brand from nothing after leaving the corporate sector and has since retired her husband Rich after 23 years of serving as a firefighter. They live in TN where they have built their dream home with their daughter Adrianna, Kim's dad Tom, and their herd of goats! Kim is a 3X best-selling author as well as the producer of 2 best-selling anthologies under the Life By Design umbrella.In this episode, we discover the following:The importance of showing up every day.Why inner belief is so important?Why we must stop allowing the opinions and decisions of others to influence our own.Three beliefs and values that have helped Kim navigate life.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 116. Why Nesa's Hemp Founder And CEO Opposes The Cannabis Industry - Exclusive Interview With Inesa Ponomariovaite

    Inesa is the visionary founder and CEO of Nesa´s Hemp, the world’s first-ever full-spectrum CBDa oil. It is created through a unique process Inesa developed that preserves all the healing compounds of the hemp plant. This promotes optimal healing and restores the body to its natural state. Inesa’s journey with hemp/CBD began five years ago when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Heartbroken but determined, Inesa traveled the world on a mission to find natural ways to overcome her health condition. That is when Inesa discovered that the hemp plant is known to be a miracle plant. However, when Inesa met with the leading CBD producers in the US, she realized that none of them had a high-quality hemp product. Inesa knew what she had to do! After facing many challenges, Inesa was finally able to create a product for her mother, and subsequently other people in the world, that is an effective alternative health solution. Today, Nesa´s Hemp is certified as the highest-quality organic hemp product on the market. Today, Inesa’s mom is cancer-free and enjoying a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life and Inesa is on a mission to help fulfill millions of lives across the globe.In this episode, we explore the following:What is Nesas Hemp and how does it work?Can one become addicted to hemp?Why is Inesa a firm believer in questioning everything?Why is it Inesa's mission to help people understand how nature can positively impact their well-being?With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 115. Brainz Podcast Special Edition - Ignite The Power Of Women In Your Life

    This is a special edition of the Brainz Podcast with hosts Simon T. Bailey and Sarah Boxx.Now is the time to ignite the power of women in your life, and this inspired me to write "Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life: A Guide for Men." Tune in to Sarah and I's brilliant discussion as we delve into the art of empowering the women around you, the driving force behind the book, and the significance of fostering kindness in our interactions. Listen and enjoy!Do you like the content? Don't forget to subscribe to the Brainz Podcast.