How To Learn To Create Your Own Opportunities! Exclusive Interview with Chris Singleton

Ep. 76

Chris Singleton has a keen ability to believe in others when they don't believe in themselves and as a result, he is creating an ecosystem of strong, independent yet collaborative creatives that are rising to the next level, together. I'd like the end result to show what an impact Chris has already had on multiple lives, companies, and his journey to this point.

In this interview with Chris Singleton, inspirational keynote speaker, former pro basketball player, and founder of Ideal Reality we discover the following:

How do we create a more significant impact on ourselves and others?

How to learn to create your own opportunities 

Why our environment is so important to our self-development and success

Why community is so important and how to surround ourselves with the right people. 

With podcast host: Mark Sephton

Hope you'll enjoy the episode!

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