How To Infuse Joy Into Every Element Of Your Digital Marketing

Ep. 78

This is a special edition of the Brainz Podcast featuring Host Hanna Hermansson

You've heard of the Law of Attraction, right? Hanna Hermanson has spent over a decade learning how to leverage human psychology and the laws of the universe in marketing strategies. Tune in to eavesdrop on her and her team... and learn how you can leverage the power of JOY in inspiring people to BUY! 

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  • 90. What Is Emotional Intelligence? - Exclusive Interview With Kristen Russell

    Kristen Russell is an accomplished Transformation & Emotional Fitness Coach with a remarkable career spanning over 18 years. She has excelled in high-level management positions within the Project Management & Construction industry, predominantly in Defense Contracts and the Public Service Sector. Throughout her professional journey, Kristen has always been naturally inclined towards collaboration, leadership, and mentoring teams. She derived immense satisfaction from her roles, not only due to the sense of fulfillment they brought her but also because of the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.In this episode we discover the following :     1. What is emotional intelligence?  2. How do we grow in emotional intelligence?   3. Why do so many people become stuck emotionally?  4. How do we become aware of ourselves?With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 89. Why Is It Important To Find A Resolution To Difficult Challenges In Our Life? - Exclusive Interview With Amy Armstrong

    As a licensed social worker and certified coach for more than 18 years, Amy Armstrong is a specialist in conflict resolution, especially within families. After 25 frustrating years in an unhappy marriage, she turned an intimidating divorce into a springboard for her innovative business — The Center for Family Resolution. She calls her work a “treasure hunt”, where deep listening and expert coaching helps clients discover both hope and new habits for resolving even the most heated challenges. Amy also offers professional training through her Center for Coach Development, a fully accredited program for professionals who want to master coaching competencies and gain global recognition. And she inspires audiences with keynote talks on setting solid boundaries, making courageous choices, and "Peacemaking from the Inside Out".In this episode we discover the following:     1. How positive words impact our human psyche.  2. Why is it important to find a resolution to difficult challenges in our life?    3. How to find solutions when looking for a resolution to a problem.  4. The importance of taking inventory of our parents’ impact on us and how this affects our parenting style to our children.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 88. What To Look For When Collaborating With Others - Exclusive Interview With Lotta Spjut

    Lotta Spjut is a dynamic entrepreneur, pro executive business coach, advisor, and educator who is also a health, fitness, and nutrition developer - all rolled into one! With a passion for education, Lotta has graced the TEDx stage and other public forums with her expertise on various subjects. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she has extensive experience in the web5 industry, using her business acumen to create successful ventures. Lotta leverages her diverse skillset to offer valuable coaching and advisory services to companies and entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. In this episode we discover the following:     1. Why collaboration is so important   2. How the online world is evolving and impacting the business world  3. The importance of understanding the connection between body, brain and business  4. What to look for when collaborating with others With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 87. What Made Igor Persist In Getting The Attention Of The US Government? Exclusive Interview With Igor Zijan

    Igor Zijan is the founder and CEO of System Of All LLC, a consulting, research, and development company. He is also the founder and CEO of System Of All token SALL, System Of All Multi-Sig Wallet founder and CEO, and the coming 3D NFT Collection, The King of Elites Club. Already in his earlier years, he was a goal achiever with several noteworthy accomplishments, including the award for special achievements from the European Business School when he graduated from economics in 16 months, finishing 36 annual exams and graduation exams.In this episode we discover the following:  1. The evolution of brain wave devices 2. What made Igor persist in getting the attention of the US Government in order to get a new law passed for technological abuse?  3. What is “Havanna Syndrome"? 4. What is entrepreneurship and what role should we all be playing in solving problems? With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode! 
  • 86. Why Mindset Creates Your Reality - Exclusive Interview With Sarah “Sharky” Harkness

    Mum, woman, wife, co-founder, CEO of Cattle Dog Digital and disability advocate - Sarah "Sharky" Harkness is the CEO of a highly successful revenue optimization agency that has been helping businesses around the world reach their full potential for many years. Despite facing significant adversity in her life, Sarah has emerged as a shining example of resilience and strength, determined to make a positive impact on the world.In this episode we discover the following:   1. Why mindset creates your reality  2. Why vulnerability is an asset and adversity your greatest gift  3. How to keep fighting when there is a temptation to give up  4. Why Sarah has a keen mission to bring 1,000 women into the boardroom by 2030.With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 85. How Ryan Is Finding Unique Ways To Help People Save Money On Their Taxes- Exclusive Interview With Ryan Foncannon

    Ryan K. Foncannon, MBA is an award-winning advanced tax strategist. He is also an award-winning private wealth advisor. He has a very diverse background. He got his master’s in business administration from the University of Southern Indiana. He also has his bachelor’s degree in marketing & management from the University of Southern Indiana. He also has an associate degree from Vincennes University. He is a fiduciary with his Series 65 license. He is also licensed in life, health, disability, annuity, and long-term care.In this episode with Ryan Foncannon, S.W.A.N Virtual family office, helping business owners and high-income earners reposition wealth by how they pay tax, we discover the following:     1.  What is advanced tax planning  2.  How Ryan is finding unique ways to help people save money on their taxes  3.  What the current entrepreneurial financial climate is like.  4.  Ryan has recently written a new book coming out in June/ July of 2023. Ryan shares his one top tip for writing a book. With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 84. How Do People Lead Without The Need For Positional Power? - Exclusive Interview With Guy Bloom

    Guy Bloom is an executive coach, leadership development, author and podcast host, and award-winning team effectiveness.In this episode with Guy Bloom we discover the following:  1. How do people lead without the need for positional power? 2. How we learn to drive both culture and value.  3. How to become truly committed to learning and dedicated to change. 4. Why “ Bravery “ is so important when it comes to leadership. With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 83. Is There An Artist In Everyone? Exclusive Interview With Maria-Katharina Richters

    Maria- Katharina Richters is a Certified & ICF ACC Accredited Artists Transformational Coach, Art Therapist, Artist, and a soon-to-be Mindvalley Certified Business Coach.In this episode with Maria- Katharina Richters we discover the following:  1. Is there an artist in everyone? 2. How art can bring healing to your life and past trauma. 3. How to find a connection with ourselves when we lose it.  4. Effective ways we can learn to trust ourselves again after past mistakes.  With podcast host: Mark SephtonHope you'll enjoy the episode!
  • 82. Brainz Podcast Special Edition - How Being Calm Makes You Charismatic

    This is a special edition of the Brainz Podcast featuring Host Rita Farruggia.Rita Farruggia is the CEO and Founder of with the mission of being the #1 Self-Care Community in the world. Her mission is to awaken a billion people globally to their love while teaching them how to love themselves, reprogram their subconscious, align with truth, universal laws, and create a daily spiritual practice that involves self-care practices. offers the tools/products, education, and inspiration to use in our daily spiritual & self-care practice.In this episode, we learn how to be calm & charismatic with RitaListen and enjoy!Do you like the content? Don't forget to subscribe to the Brainz Podcast.