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Season 1, Ep. 0

Book Realities - interviews with independent authors starts soon. Here's a short snippet of what you can look forward to in series 1.

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  • 2. Kristine Fitzgerald

    Join author, Kristine Fitzgerald in conversation with poet, Anja Mujic about the inspiration behind the newly released, Harrie Taylor Mysteries, Kristine's other books and a shared love of travelling...
  • 1. Kerry Freeman

    Join author, Kerry Freeman in conversation about the inspiration behind Sedona, her love of writing, good bourbon, hiking and jazz!
  • 15. Chelsea Banning

    Join author Chelsea Banning in conversation about her Arthurian fantasy novel, Of Crowns & Legends, her writing style, her love of Renaissance and Medieval fairs (Renfaire) and how a book signing with 2 people in attendance became a viral moment on Twitter that catapulted her into being a full-time writer.
  • 14. Mark Fryday

    Join musician, songwriter, author, writer of musicals and poet, Mark Fryday, in conversation with Ian as they discuss a love of words, a knack for inventing beer names, how to plan (or not) your book, the beauty and attraction of the British Pub and the propensity of repressed feelings and emotions within Great British (and further afield) society! All that and a few serious reflections on RUOK and CALM.For further information on Mark - visit:
  • 13. Angeline King

    Angeline King is (​from September 2020 to September 2023) the Writer in Residence of Ulster University whilst completing a PhD in creative writing. A multi-talented fiction and non-fiction writer she has a passion for story-telling and a love of language, in many guises. Join Angeline and Ian in conversation about Ulster Scots, the business of writing, why she used to write in the mornings, how walking and thinking is essential for her creative processes and an overview of the many and varied projects Angeline has been involved with.
  • 12. Gabriella Lang

    Join author Gabriella Lang in conversation about her memoir Food and Freedom, her love of Russian history and how, on 17 July 1998, she found herself at the interment of the last of the Romanov Czars, Emperor Nicholas II, his family, Dr Botkin and their three faithful servants in St Petersburg´s Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral.
  • 11. Sana Turnock

    Join Ian in conversation with author, podcaster, motivational speaker and business woman, Sana Turnock.Sana has been described as honest, enthusiastic and someone who dares to be different in her approach. Her ability to really listen creates connection and trust with the audience. She holds space for meaningful conversations and the ability to provide a safe space for people to share and be vulnerable. Located in the beautiful Busselton-Margaret River Region in Western Australia, Sana is a motivational keynote speaker on courage-related topics and she facilitates individual and workplace programs on A Healthy Mind in Business and Holism & Mindset in Business: The new success currency. In this episode of Book Realities she discusses why she wrote the Courage Journal and also how she is dealing with a recent medical revelation in her life. You can follow Sana at : listen to her Courage Unravelled Podcasts at:
  • 10. V M Knox

    Join Ian and the author of the excellent Clement Wisdom series of mystery thrillers, V M Knox (Vicky) in discussion. Covering why she was mistrustful of indie publishing initially, her operatic background, her love of all things to do with code breaking and cryptography, and how that led to a very short-sighted teenager asking her, "Did you used to do that in World War II?"....
  • 9. Mark Anthony

    A special pre-launch interview with Mark Anthony, author of the Fantasy trilogy, LIT and specifically the second book in the series, Ascent.Discover more at