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Book Realities

Trish Dulka

Season 3, Ep. 7

On the eve of this year's Kentucky Derby, join Trish Dulka and her editor, Alix Kwan as they celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the release of Trish's novel, Chances Are. Learn how being a horse (and boy) focussed teenager provided the core ideas that would eventually grow into a novel and why Trish decided to finally publish using the Independent author pathway.

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  • 6. MaryAnn Katterjohn

    When MaryAnn Katterjohn brought a terribly misbehaved Beagle home, little did she know it would pave the way for a children's illustrated book called 'Oh Stella', and the royalties being donated to charity. Join MaryAnn in conversation with editor, Alix Kwan talking about a whole range of things including grandchildren, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the indie publishing method, how she thinks she could have made 7th graders love Shakespeare and why it is ALWAYS important to stop and smell the flowers (and puppy breath) !!
  • 5. Filly Bellette PhD

    Filly Bellette PhD in conversation with Book Reality editor, Alix Kwan looking at the business behind Filly's new book, 'Ending Body Burnout', how it came about and how Filly managed the process of writing a book, whilst running a business and being a busy wife and mother.
  • 4. Rita McInnes

    Rita McInnes joins Ian Hooper to discuss the amazing landscape and the dark traumas that inspired her incredibly beautiful new novel, 'Wake the Dust' and how the setback of not being permitted to use copyrighted poetry, spawned a whole new volume of original work and a character that has come into her own!
  • 3. Angela Cairns

    Join author, Angela Cairns in conversation with poet, Anja Mujic about the processes and ideas that have resulted in her fiction novel 'A Song for Kitty', how it reflects the amazing women within a turbulent time period of history, how the facts and the fiction are so closely interwoven and how it has inspired ideas for subsequent books in the series.
  • 2. Kristine Fitzgerald

    Join author, Kristine Fitzgerald in conversation with poet, Anja Mujic about the inspiration behind the newly released, Harrie Taylor Mysteries, Kristine's other books and a shared love of travelling...
  • 1. Kerry Freeman

    Join author, Kerry Freeman in conversation about the inspiration behind Sedona, her love of writing, good bourbon, hiking and jazz!
  • 15. Chelsea Banning

    Join author Chelsea Banning in conversation about her Arthurian fantasy novel, Of Crowns & Legends, her writing style, her love of Renaissance and Medieval fairs (Renfaire) and how a book signing with 2 people in attendance became a viral moment on Twitter that catapulted her into being a full-time writer.
  • 14. Mark Fryday

    Join musician, songwriter, author, writer of musicals and poet, Mark Fryday, in conversation with Ian as they discuss a love of words, a knack for inventing beer names, how to plan (or not) your book, the beauty and attraction of the British Pub and the propensity of repressed feelings and emotions within Great British (and further afield) society! All that and a few serious reflections on RUOK and CALM.For further information on Mark - visit: