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  • 1. Bon Mot Podcast - The Green Wing Special

    In the special episode I speak to three of the writers behind one of Channel 4's best ever comedies - Green Wing.I am joined by Oriane Messina, Fay Rusling and James Henry who kindly answer my questions.Will any secrets be revealed? Will we finally find out Mac's first name?Sit back and bathe your ears in conversation when Topmilers and Depravity were in high demand.Stream for free via Channel 4.Not to mention the Green Wing Podcast and Piglets are coming soon...

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  • 11. Bon Mot Podcast with Lola-Rose Maxwell

    On this episode I talk with comedian, improv star and Director Lola-Rose Maxwell.*From why diet Coke & bananas are a good idea to stroking a wolf horse artwork to how class is a much under-discussed topic.*Lola-Rose is appearing on stage next year so buy tickets now for her show 'The Improvised Play'.*She has also starred in several Short Films, such as Deloping.*As well working alongside Stevie Martin in a series of sketches that have amassed over 30 millions views.*Also Lola-Rose will be starring in BBC Radio 4's sold out show You're Part of the Problem.
  • 10. Bon Mot Podcast with Athena Kugblenu

    In this episode I talk with critically acclaimed Comedian, Writer and Director Athena Kugblenu.*From why the Sound of Music is a masterclass in writing to how people's assumptions about class background are often wrong.*For more information go to her website.*Watch Athena's Short Film Common Ground (subsequently renamed Showdown) and buy tickets for the 2024 show.*Listen to her podcast Bust or Trust she hosts along with Tiernan Douieb.
  • 9. Bon Mot Podcast with Beth Granville

    In this episode I talk with sell out hit Play writer, Comedy Writer, Performer and Script Consultant & Acting Coach Beth Granville.*From what needs to get in the bin to how to build a successful career, we discuss a wide range of topics.*For more information:*Or on new fangled modern social media Instagram.*Or her podcast show with Lucy Pinder Smashing Sundays.
  • 8. Bon Mot Podcast with Paul Litchfield

    And so onto Episode 8 where I am joined by the voice (comedian, actor, podcaster) that is Paul Litchfield.*Listen to his brand new and indeed shiny show, The Wild Orb.*Follow him on Twitter (it will always be Twitter).*Enjoy his voice on Monsoon Jackson, Series 3.*Watch him attend an interview and give a job (written by Michael Spicer).*Or why not listen to him on the only known podcast talking about Doctor Who.
  • 7. Bon Mot Podcast with Rosie Holt

    The release of Episode 7 heralds the arrival of Rosie Holt where we discuss the pitfalls of not not not being a working politician and how comedy horror is the best.*For more, visit her website.*Subscribe to Rosie's YouTube channel.*Follow her on Twitter (it will always be Twitter)*Or on that there Instagram.
  • 6. Bon Mot Podcast with Tom Crowley

    This episode features Tom Crowley with Writer, Actor, Artist and Comedian Tom Crowley.*You can follow him on all the social platforms @atomcrowley.*For more visit his website or subscribe to his podcast*Not to mention he's starred in such podcast treats as*Tom also mentions an amazing Not for Profit Company aimed at promoting creative rehabilitation for people with physical or mental struggles