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A journey through the live catalog of the band all the way from Athens, GA, Widespread Panic with your hosts, Harvey Couch and Jeff Kollath..

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  • 125. 125: The DAT Repairman

    On the 125th episode of the Bluest Tape, Sam Holt joins the show to discuss his recent shows with JoJo Hermann as well as upcoming Sam Holt Band shows. We discuss some repair work he has done recently on some DAT masters and listen to a previously unheard version of 12/30/91. And then finally, we discuss New Years' Eve shows of the past and then finish up with a great Chris Rabold version of Tallboy > Henry Parsons from 6/24/00.

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  • 124. 124: Guess the WSP Year

    Harvey is joined by friend of the show Sam Holt, who updates us on his recent tour out west with Jojo and some upcoming Remembering Mikey shows. Then they play everyone's favorite podcast game, Guess the Year. Honoring the work of the OG Guess the Year Grateful Dead podcast. Harvey asks Sam to guess the year of some great Panic passages of the past. And then finally, Sam plays some great unreleased recordings from 1990 and 1993. And a fantastic solo Michael House tune called "Boat of Longing".
  • 123. 123: Holt Team 2023

    We check in with friend of the podcast, Sam Holt, as he and his friends get ready to hit the road for a short tour through the southeast. We talk about that, fall 2000, and of course, Mikey and Todd.
  • 122. 122: TEWSY at 20

    We are joined by brothers Geoff and Christopher Hanson, the guys behind 2002's The Earth Will Swallow You, a documentary that follows Widespread Panic in 2000 and looks at a band at their zenith.Be sure to check out The Earth Will Swallow You on Nugs on Saturday January 21st at 8pm.And check out for more from the Hansons.
  • 121. 121: Remembering Mikey 20 with Sam Holt

    In this episode, Harvey is joined by Sam Holt, longtime Widespread Panic fan and former guitar tech and band member, to discuss the 20th anniversary of Michael Houser's passing and Sam's post-Panic shows in Atlanta.Sam pulled out two old soundboard tapes and some of each are included here:11/8/00 - Hult Center, Eugene, ORDisco > Ride Me High > No Sugar Tonight11/29/00 - Assembly Hall, Champaign, ILSandbox, Driving Song > Breathing Slow > B of DFor more info about the upcoming shows and to get tickets, go here:
  • 120. 120: Distractions, Distractions

    Well, if you enjoy wandering conversations about nothing terribly impactful or relevant to your lives, then this is the episode for you! Jeff spends much of this short episode distracted by the brilliance of Ja Morant (47-8-8 in a playoff game!), and then asks Harvey the question of all questions about Goose and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead: “But, why do you like it?” Harvey provides a passionate enough answer to pique Jeff’s interest, but will it move beyond a quick Relisten listen? Come back for the next ep and find out! Beyond that, we talk about My Morning Jacket, Old Forester bourbon, Panic in Wilmington, Panic in Huntsville, and then brainstorm ideas for a new Panic project. If nothing else, check out these face melting links below! ****Links below go to whole show streams on Relisten powered by Panicstream*Widespread Panic - 03 May 1997 - Pelham, AL - Oak MountainDinerWidespread Panic - 07 May 1997 - Louisville, KY - Palace TheaterHatfield > Let’s Get the Show on the Road > Radio ChildWidespread Panic - 08 May 1997 - Chicago, IL - Vic TheaterMaggot Brain > Chilly WaterWidespread Panic - 10 May 1997 - St. Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins AuditoriumGreta > Stop-GoJoe Russo’s Almost Dead - 28 April 2022 - Newport, KY - Promowest Pavilion Bertha
  • 119. 119: Still Right Here, Still Just Here, Brave Little Friends

    Our first show of 2022 (?!?) and we hit the ground running with a great interview with former Panic taper, guitar tech, and band member, Sam Holt, who shares with us some of his favorite moments from spring 1992, recalls some special moments from Mikey’s last full tour in spring 2002, what it was like to sit in with Jerry Joseph, and looks ahead with great excitement to three Sam Holt Band shows he has coming up in May that will pay tribute to Mikey and Todd Nance. After Sam exits, Jeff and Harvey get caught up with each other, look back at the first few shows of 2022, and ahead to what is shaping up to be a pretty robust 2022 tour. ***Learn more about the upcoming Remembering Mikey shows at RememberingMikey.comSam Holt Band Presents Remembering Mikey – A Musical Celebration of Michael Houser & Todd NanceMay, 12 Isis – Asheville, NC (Buy Tickets)May, 13 The Pour House – Charleston, SC (Buy Tickets)May, 14 Avondale Brewing – Birmingham, AL (Buy Tickets)*Links below go to whole show streams on Relisten powered by Panicstream*Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons03 May 2002 - Athens, GA - The Georgia TheatreThree Mile Island (with Sam Holt)Widespread Panic27 February 1992 - Atlanta, GA - The MasqueradeEliza's Apt., FishwaterWidespread Panic21 March 1992 - Denver CO - Herman’s HideawayDriving Song > Me & the Devil Blues > Driving Song > DiscoWidespread Panic25 May 1992 - Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy'sEntering a Blackhole Backwards > Chilly Water