The Blindboy Podcast

Hosted by Blindboy, of the Rubberbandits. An eclectic podcast containing short fiction, interviews and comedy.

  • 200. Psychotherapy and Nutrition with Kimberley Wilson

    Kimberley Wilson is a chartered psychologist with a special focus on nutrition and whole body mental health
  • 199. The Folklore of Prohibition

    A hot take about the folklore of prohibition. Update on napper tandy the cat . Speaking about self esteem
  • 198. The History of Carrot Cake

    The History of Carrot Cake. Russell Crowe visited me in a dream. Mindfulness meditation 
  • 197. An Essay about the inside of a Tennis Ball

    An Essay about the Inside of a Tennis Ball 
  • 196. The Psychology of being an Adult

    Mental Health podcast. Exploring the condition of adulthood using cognitive psychology and transactional analysis
  • 195. Devin Townsend

    Devin Townsend is an artist who works in the genre of Heavy Metal. He has been active since the 1980s. Playing with Steve Vai, forming Strapping Young Lad and the Devin Townsend project. He explores comedy, mental health, ambient and even opera to create highly experimental music. His contribution changed the sound of Metal.
  • 194. Speaking to a Psychologist about Drug laws in Ireland

    Part 1. I speak about about my NY Times interview and why I wear a bag on my head. Part 2 I chat with Dr. Sharon Lambert about the Citizens assembly on Drugs where Sharon was an invited participant. Drugs legislation in Ireland and what needs to change in guidance with safety and evidence
  • 193. Why I'm buying Lions Urine on the internet

    An update on my cat Napper Tandy after the loss of her brother. Also, some instructions on How to write short fiction.
  • 192. The Passion of Silken Thomas

    My Cat Silken Thomas has died. I reflect on his life and death via Pagan ritual, Jesus Christ, and Existential psychology