cover art for Black Woman's Hour #49: 'A Fair Cop' Feat Chantelle Lunt

Black Woman's Hour

Black Woman's Hour #49: 'A Fair Cop' Feat Chantelle Lunt

Ep. 49

Ayisha speaks to activist, writer, educator and ex-police officer Chantelle Lunt, about bigotry and bullying in the police force, Tyre Nicholls, H&M (of course) and why Whitney must stay.

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  • Black Woman's Hour Episode #51: Women Rock

    In this week’s episode we discuss Elaine’s recent trip to Trinidad for Carnival. Also speak about International Women’s Day and nominate our Black Women of The Year. What did you all think of the #ChrisRock #Netflix show ‘Selective Outrage?’ Is Chris milking ‘The Slap’ now? Or is Ava correct in saying any comedian would do exactly the same. We discuss the depressing state of UK politics at the moment and ask if it’s time that we started to look elsewhere for somewhere to live. If you live in the UK and had to choose anywhere else to live - where would it be? Answer in the comments or on our Twitter page @hour_womansRemember to like, comment and share.
  • 50. Black Woman's Hour Episode #50: Fifty and Fabulous!

    It’s our 50th episode! This week we ask if 50 is the new 40. Are we looking better than our parents did at our age? We discuss ‘Bold Faced’ Boris Johnson and ask how Carole Vorderman became the shero we didn’t know we needed. We also discuss the rise of the ‘Passport Bro’s and ask will Black women be following their white counterparts in becoming sex tourists? Finally we discuss age gap relationships and our own experiences with them…Remember to subscribe, like comment and share
  • 48. Black Woman's Hour Episode #48: Trans Action

    Ava, Ayisha and Elaine speak to the inspirational Iris about Tories, why unfortunately Mary J Blige and Mariah have to go, as well as the disgrace that is Sunak's reaction to Scotland's GRC legislation.
  • 47. Black Woman's Hour Episode #47: Spare Change

    This week we are discussing the fastest selling non fiction book of all time - Spare by Prince Harry. What impact will this have on the monarchy and does it have a place in modern Britain? Did Harry and Meghan have any choice but to leave the UK? Will they ever know peace?
  • 46. Black Woman's Hour Episode #46: New Year New Us!

    We are back after a long hiatus and are now a threesome like Destiny's Child. In today's episode we discuss Rishi Sunak, Harry and Meghan, New Years Resolutions and much more. Please feel free to share any wisdom you wish to impart re: 2023 in the comments.
  • 45. Black Woman's Hour Episode #45: Family Affair

    We spoke to author of 'Memphis' Tara M Stringfellow and find out how the women in her family and Black Women in general inspired her writing. We find out what she thinks about London and British food. We discuss her writing process and who her influences are. Tara is such a beautiful soul and a genuine supporter of Black women. Her book is out now and available at Waterstones and other great bookshops.AmazonAudibleWaterstonesFoylesIndependent book shops
  • 44. Black Woman's Hour Episode #44: When Ava Met The Vixen

    Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 10 standout star 'The Vixen' speaks to Ava Vidal about Drag Race, drag and race, Black women, Black Girl Magic and life in Chicago. We also discussed future goals such as acting and becoming an author.Follow The Vixen on Twitter (
  • 43. Black Woman's Hour Episode #43: Swindler

    This week we discuss Cressida Dick's replacement, CRT in schools, Kanye West and we ask could the Tinder Swindler ever have fooled Black women?! We share our experiences of men that have tried to pull a fast one on us!