Black British Lives Matter with Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder


Black British Hair Matters With Stephanie Cohen and Kevin Morosky

Season 1, Ep. 5

This is the podcast where we explore why and how Black British lives matter –What it means to be Black and British, our culture, our joy and our pain.


This week we discuss why Black British Hair Matters with activist Stephanie Cohen from the Halo Collective, and filmmaker Kevin Morosky.


From dreadlocks to weaves, we look at what our hair says about our Black identity. We explore the politics and racism around hair, from "Black is beautiful" afros to discrimination in the workplace. Black barbershops and hair salons play a central role in our communities. We discuss what we love about our hair and what can sometimes make us want to pull it out! 


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Stephanie Cohen

Twitter @TheHaloCode

Instagram: @thehalocode


Kevin Morosky

Instagram: @kevinmorosky

Twitter: @kevinmorosky


Marcus Ryder is on Twitter @marcusryder

Lenny Henry is also on Twitter @LennyHenry


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