Black British Lives Matter with Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder


Black British Fathers Matter With Adrian Lester and Marvyn Harrison

Season 1, Ep. 3

This is the podcast where we explore why and how Black British lives matter –  What it means to be Black and British, our culture, our joy and our pain.


This week Marcus discusses why Black British Fathers Matter with actor Adrian Lester and activist Marvyn Harrison. From ‘absent fathers’ being blamed for the ills of Black society to

playing a critical role in the Black family - dissecting the truth from the stereotypes - everything is talked about with raw honesty.


Adrian Lester CBE is an award-winning stage and film actor, writer and director. Regarded as one of the most versatile actors in the UK, Adrian Lester receives critical acclaim for his roles on TV, the big screen and theatre.  He is also the father of two daughters.


Marvyn Harrison is the founder of Dope Black Dads, an organisation set up to counter the negative narratives around Black fathers as well as offering support to Black men to be better fathers. He is also the father of two small children.


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