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BOG #49 How to Unleash Untapped Potential w/ Kate Livingston

Ep. 49

In this episode, I sit down with life / business coach, Kate Livingston to discuss all things coaching.

We answer the questions around what exactly a coach does, how they can help you, and who should work with a coach.

I've worked with a coach at numerous points in the last decade and it's been incredibly impactful in helping me achieve my goals and get clarity around why those goals are important.

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BOG #112 Living Life on Your Terms and Doing Cool Shit w/ Miki Agrawal

Ep. 112
When each of us wake up, we have a choice to make. Are you currently living today on your terms? If so, amazing! If not, do you want to live today doing the things you are about to? I believe our life is the result of the choices that we make.Over time, you can align your life to do more and more of the things that you want and less and less of the things that you don’t want. I know it’s not as simple as simply snapping your fingers and I know it's not realistic to never do anything that you don't want, but I am confident that the result of our life is the result of the decision and choices that we make.You can be intentional with how and where you spend your time and start to live more and more the life you want.You really can… and that’s exactly what we are talking about in this episode.Today, my guest is Miki Agrawal. Miki is a serial entrepreneur and founder of THINX, Hello Tushy an innovative bidet brand, WILD - a gluten free pizzeria and Author of Disrupt Her - A manifesto for the Modern Woman and Do Cool Shit: Quit your Day Job, Start Your Own Business and Live Happily Ever After. Collectively, her companies are valued at over $150M dollars.But life wasn’t always this way for her. At 22 years she was working in investment banking and she had a wake up call following 9/11. Days after, everything changed… she felt her mortality and needed to live each day like it was her last. She had to follow her passions and not waste another day not fully living so she wrote down three things she wanted to do with her life… and pursued them one by one… Todays Bits of Gold is that it's truly possible to live life on your terms, to embrace and harness your limited time on earth, and to live fully alive, doing the cool shit you want! To Follow Miki: Miki's Books:Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever AfterDisrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern WomanTo Clean Your Bum: Special: BITSOFGOLD for 15% off your order.

BOG # 111 Living w/ Intention While Building a Business & Life on Your Terms w/ Justin Welsh

Ep. 111
Imagine waking up and living life on your terms. Waking up each day… Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, with who you want to do it with… On todays, episode that is exactly what we are talking about. How to live your life with tremendous intention. How to have the self-awareness to decide what you wantHow to make the change in your life so you can wake up and live your dream life every day.Today my guest is Justin Welsh. Justin is an entrepreneur who previously helpedbuild two companies to $50M+ ARR, he managed teams of 150+ people, and those companies collectively raised over $300M in venture capital. Now he's building a portfolio of one-person businesses to $5M in revenue.My Bits of Gold from the Episode: To me, the Bits of Gold in Justin's story is that you can rewrite your life at any point. Just because things are going great in an area… it’s never too late to make change and there is never a perfect time to start making lasting change. On paper, Justin had it all. An amazing executive role at a fast growing startup… but he eventually reached an unhealthy point in his life and he had the self-awareness to completely rewrite his life script.He became hyper intentional about the life he wanted to live, the changes he wanted to manifest, and basically created an entirely new life little by little. He and his wife flew to Nashville, bought the first house they saw, drove across the country and began their new lives.Today, he very much lives doing what he wants, when he wants, with who he wants. He is building a diversified portfolio of internet companies and he runs a boutique advisory firm for entrepreneurs and creates digital products for creators. He has a tremendous following on LinkedIn of over 250k followers and has a huge platform to help others build their life with more intention.Links:justinwelsh.me

BOG # 110 How to Pull Each Other Forward w/ Dave Clark & Doug Cornfield

Ep. 110
Todays episode is all about pulling each other forward in life and the lasting impact you can have by simply lifting those around you. I truly believe that your words and your actions have the ability to change the world. They have the ability to create a lasting impact in a persons life… So being intentional and thoughtful with your words and actions is so important.Today my guests are Dave Clark and Doug Cornfield. While in the 3rd grade, Dave Clark’s gym teacher’s actions and words would forever positively impact and shape Dave’s life.As an infant, Dave contracted polio that stunted his growth and left him without the full use of his legs. But despite that, and perhaps because of it, he was driven to excel in physical competition against so-called able-bodied people. He pursued his dreams and became a professional baseball player playing in the minors. He was the only professional baseball player to pitch from crutches. He has also coached in the majors, was a scout for the Baltimore Orioles and a radio analyst for the Florida Everblades.Doug Cornfield connected with Dave Clark after his son was born with neither arm developed and one leg shorter than the other. Doug convinced Dave to partner and promote his amazing life’s story.They’ve since launched the Dave Clark Foundation which hosts the D3 Event. The D3 event happens through out the year and is a pro style practice with professional players at stadiums across the country where participants have the opportunity to hit, throw, catch and run the bases with instruction from the best regardless of anyone's limitations. In addition they are the author of A Pound of Kindness a children's book that captures the childhood of Dave Clark, the only professional baseball player to pitch from crutches.Important Links: