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BOG #49 How to Unleash Untapped Potential w/ Kate Livingston

Ep. 49

In this episode, I sit down with life / business coach, Kate Livingston to discuss all things coaching.

We answer the questions around what exactly a coach does, how they can help you, and who should work with a coach.

I've worked with a coach at numerous points in the last decade and it's been incredibly impactful in helping me achieve my goals and get clarity around why those goals are important.

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BOG #98 Lessons from a 14-Year Old Entrepreneur About Building Your Dream Life w/ Ava Jones

Ep. 98
In this episode, I sit down with 14 year old founder and Chief Pet Officer of Ava's Pet Palace. Together with her family, they've been building a pet wellness and accessories business since 2016. In this episode, I share Ava's entrepreneurial story in how she started her business, where she is today, and where she is going. There are many "bits of gold" in this episode that can help you build a life you love. Ava's Bio: I’ve always loved animals and believed our pets are family. I create organic and natural treats and accessories for dogs and cats to help them live healthier and happier lives. I’ve been making recipes and baking pet treats in our kitchen using only organic ingredients. Now that my business has grown, I work with larger kitchens and my treats are now USDA certified organic and all natural.My business really took off in June 2020 thanks to so many people who shared my story on social media. Ava’s Pet Palace has grown into an amazing community of pet parents, animal lovers and animal advocates. We all share the belief that all pets (in our homes, living in shelters, or even homeless) deserve lots of love, kindness, and the best nutrition.My purpose is to inspire all people to change the world using their own gifts and talents. A better world for pets, people and the planet starts with all of us.I could not recommend her products enough! Here is a coupon for our listeners! Code is: BITS25 - 25% off treats and pet accessories!Here is a link that should automatically populate the code -