Bits of Gold

Have you ever experienced trauma and tragedy, yet despite the pain and suffering it caused, you’re thankful for the experience, because in the end it made you better?

Can struggle and tragedy be our greatest teachers?

I think about that a lot…  

By age 25, both my parents died from rare cancers.

Some would call it unlucky, some would call it unfair, and some would call it their worst nightmare.

Me… I call it life.

Life isn’t always easy... And things are not always going to go your way.

At some point in your life, you will likely be a victim of tragedy.   

But despite the hardship you endure, you will also experience limitless joy. And it’s up to you to keep going and growing as a result of your circumstances. 

In losing both of my parents, I’ve lost a lot… but I’ve also gained a lot.

I’m your host, Danny Goldberg, and this is a weekly conversation about loss and tragedy and coming out on the other side of it, feeling stronger and more capable of living thoughtfully. 

Tune in weekly for stories and interviews about really hard times, and overcoming adversity to ultimately build a life that you love. This is Bits of Gold.