BIPOC Credits

With the demand for competent crew members, and BIPOC recruitment, in the booming BC film industry, this podcast aims to educate new and hopeful BIPOC filmmakers and crew members on the various roles involved on a professional film set. Helmed by BC native Andy Wong, who himself is a working Assistant Director in the Director’s Guild of Canada (DGC). Each episode consists of conversations about what new crew members can expect on the job, challenges they may face, and the changing landscape of diversity that has influenced their journey.

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Andy Wong

Andy started in the film industry 10 years ago aspiring to be the next John Cho. However, due to the lack of opportunities for Asian actors back then, he decided to create opportunities for himself by going to film school where he learned the various positions on a film set. He soon found himself working behind the scenes and accelerated from a production assistant into an assistant director in a span of two years. He now hopes to educate and (maybe) inspire the members of the BIPOC community considering work in the booming BC film industry.