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092: Lusty Mike (Tekken 8, Splatoon 3, Analogue Pocket, Fatal Fury)





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Wait... what? Another Big Week in Gaming for Tuesday 16 August 2022? Say no more!

So what's on the menu this week? We've got all the headlines coming out of Evo Fighting Championship 2022, awesome Splatoon 3 news, Analogue Pocket updates & much more. Oh - and amiibo of course. Not a Bigwig show without 'em.

Check out these ultra, super, hyper highlights:

▸ All the HYPE fighting game news from EVO 2022

▸ Highlights from Nintendo's Splatoon 3 Direct

▸ And the Analogue Pocket gets support for some classic SEGA consoles

#Tekken8 #AnaloguePocket #Splatoon3

Games covered this week:

▸ Alone in the Dark

▸ Cooking Simulator

▸ Cult of the Lamb

▸ Donkey Kong (1994)

▸ Dragonball FighterZ

▸ Fatal Fury

▸ Gale of Windoria

▸ Garou: Mark of the Wolves

▸ God of War

▸ Hogwarts Legacy

▸ House Flipper

▸ Lust for Darkness

▸ Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

▸ Marvel vs Capcom 2

▸ Rise of the Third Power

▸ Rocket League

▸ Samurai Shodown

▸ Splatoon 3

▸ Street Figher 6

▸ Super Punch-Out!!

▸ Tekken 8

▸ The Adventure Pals

▸ The Forgotten City

▸ Wave Race 64


00:00:00 Intro

00:09:54 What Have We Been Playing?

00:37:59 Gamespresso - The Adventure Pals

00:42:50 EVO 2022 News Roundup - Tekken 8, Fatal Fury, MvC2 & More

00:56:12 Splatoon 3 Direct

01:04:39 Analogue Pocket Gets Game Gear, Master System & Sg-1000 Support

01:18:57 So, So Much Amiibo News

01:27:30 The Big Wrapup

01:48:38 Outro

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103: Hard In The Paint (PlayStation VR 2 Price, Deus Ex, Kojima/Blue Box, Ghost Song)

LINKS ▸**NEW** DISCORD ▸ / STREAMING ▼▸ YouTube:▸ Twitch: PODCAST ▼▸ Spotify:▸ Apple Podcasts:▸ RSS: ▼▸ Instagram:▸ TikTok:▸ Facebook:▸ Twitter: ▼It's going to be a November to remember in this latest episode of Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 6 November 2022. Join the Bigwig crew as they cover the biggest news of the news - 60% of which are related to Hideo Kojima. My man certainly knows how to keep his name out there, doesn't he? What's in store for this Big Week galore:▸ Launch date, prices and games revealed for the PlayStation VR 2▸ A new Deus Ex game is apparently in the works▸ Square Enix's Symbiogenesis is revealed▸ And Hideo Kojima finally comments on the Blue Box Studios conspiracy theory#PSVR2 #DeusEx #KojimaGames covered this week:▸ Abandoned▸ Ape Escape▸ Bayonetta 3▸ Control Freak by Cliff ""CliffyB"" Bleszinski▸ Dark Cloud▸ Deus Ex 5▸ Detroit: Become Human▸ Fist of the North Star: Lost Kingdom▸ Ghost Song▸ Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy▸ Little Inferno▸ LocoRoco▸ Metal: Hellsinger▸ Picross▸ Return to Monkey Island▸ Riven▸ Splatoon 3▸ Symbiogenesis▸ The Legend of Tianding▸ The Store is Closed▸ Vampire Survivors