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080: Man Of Principle (Starfield, Duke Nukem Forever, Skull & Bones)

NOTE: Apologies for the start of the show, we stuffed up the recording. Please understand.






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The news doesn't stop coming in this completely necessary Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 15 May 2022.

Join integot, Mike and Swinny as they chat about some massive headlines, including - Bethesda delaying Starfield (and Redfall too, I guess), EA Sports and FIFA going through a messy public breakup, OG Duke Nukem Forever getting leaked and upsetting its creators, and a Ubisoft release window bonanza featuring the embattled Skull & Bones... and a Journey to the West-themed Rabbids game? Huh... didn't know that was a thing.

So hail to the king baby - it's time to kick ass and chew on these highlights:

▸ Starfield gets pushed to 2023.

▸ EA Sports drop the FIFA license after 30 years.

▸ And 3D Realm's original 2001 Duke Nukem Forever prototype gets leaked.

#Starfield #DukeNukemForever #EASportsFC

Games covered this week:

▸ 7 Days To Die

▸ Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

▸ Duke Nukem 3D

▸ Duke Nukem Forever

▸ EA Sports FC

▸ Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

▸ FIFA 23

▸ Gran Turismo

▸ Lost in Random

▸ Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

▸ Norco

▸ Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

▸ Nintendo Switch Sports

▸ Rabbids Adventure

▸ Rabbids Party of Legend

▸ Redfall

▸ Salt & Sacrifice

▸ Skull & Bones

▸ Starfield

▸ Tales of Luminaria

▸ Zenless Zone Zero


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:35 What we playin'

00:19:58 Starfield Delayed - No More Xbox 1st Party Games In 2022?

00:31:02 EA Ditch The FIFA License - Now EA Sports FC

00:41:04 Duke Nukem Forever 2011 Prototype Leak Upsets Creators

00:58:12 Skull And Bones Finally Coming? & Rabbids Party Of Legend Release News

01:11:31 One Min For The Swin

01:29:05 Outro & Next Week

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090: Mr Nosferatu (Analogue Jailbreak?, PSVR2, PlayStation Backbone, amiibo)

FULL PODCAST ▸ ▸**NEW** DISCORD ▸ / STREAMING ▼▸ YouTube:▸ Twitch: PODCAST ▼▸ Spotify:▸ Apple Podcasts:▸ RSS: ▼▸ Instagram:▸ TikTok:▸ Facebook:▸ Twitter: ▼LOOK OUT BELOW! We're dropping another BIG episode of Big Week in Gaming for this Wednesday 3 August 2022. What do we have in store this week? Well... Analogue have started opening up the Analogue Pocket with OpenFPGA, Sony revealed new features of the PSVR2 and the new PlayStation Backbone controller, Mario Kart 8 takes a trip to Sydney, Minecraft amiibo news & heaps more!Mike also debuts his new special feature GAMESPRESSO - where he tries out a game he scored for $5 or under.So open up and let us plug these highlights into your cores:▸ The Analogue Pocket is finally starting to open up it's capabilities▸ Sony reveals new details about the PlayStation VR 2's interface and features▸ And will this be the final 1 Min for the Swin?#AnaloguePocket #PSVR #amiiboGames covered this week:▸ 3000th Duel▸ Ambition Record▸ As Dusk Falls▸ Bayonetta▸ Daikatana (Game Boy Color)▸ Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels▸ Gale of Windoria▸ Gran Turismo▸ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe▸ MotoGP 22▸ Overrogue▸ Road 96▸ Super Smash Bros Ultimate▸ The Warlock of Firetop Mountain▸ Wario Land 4▸ Watch_Dogs 2TIMECODES ▼00:00:00 Intro00:08:00 Early impressions on Xenoblade Chronicles 300:15:30 What we playin'00:39:52 The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain | Budget Gaming (Mike's Gamespresso)00:47:53 Analogue OpenFPGA - The Jailbreak We've Been Waiting For?01:04:44 PlayStation VR 2 News - See-Through View & More01:18:48 PlayStation x Backbone One iPhone Controller Announced01:28:40 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course DLC Wave 2 Goes Down Under01:34:06 Minecraft amiibo News! Steve & Alex Release Date01:40:02 One Min For The Swin01:52:56 Outro & Next Week

089: PowerWash Throuple (Stray, Powerwash Simulator, Discord on Xbox, John Romero, Lego Atari)

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088: Hello Egret II (Kirby's Dream Buffet, Bayonetta 3, Skate 4, Doom In Doom, 2 Year Anniversary)

FULL VIDEO PODCAST ▼▸ ALL OF OUR LINKS ▼▸ https://www.bigwigpod.comVIDEO / STREAMING ▼▸ YouTube:▸ Twitch: PODCAST ▼▸ Spotify:▸ Apple Podcasts:▸ RSS: ▼▸ Discord:▸ Instagram:▸ TikTok:▸ Facebook:▸ Twitter: ▼Behold dear people of the internet - it's time to celebrate Bigwig's 2nd Birthday in this week's Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 17 July 2022.So what do we have in store? A celebration and special treat for our 2nd anniversary; a new Kirby game is revealed; updates on Bayonetta 3 and Skate 4; playing Doom within Doom; Nintendo buys a CG animation studio - and much, much more. Gonna be a big show peeps!🎉 So let's break out the champers and toast to Year 3 of Bigwig! 🍾▸ Nintendo announcing a surprise new Kirby game ▸ Bayonetta 3 getting a release date and new family-friendly mode▸ Skate 4 upsets loyal fans with a bold new game direction▸ And we celebrate 2 YEARS of the show with a fun special feature#KirbyDreamBuffet #Bayonetta3 #Skate4Games covered this week:▸ Assassin's Creed Origins▸ Baba Is You▸ Bayonetta 3▸ Chocolate Doom▸ Cyberpunk 2077▸ Dark Souls▸ DJMax Respect V▸ Doom▸ Harvest Moon: One World▸ Hellpoint▸ Hyper Street Figher II▸ Kirby's Dream Buffet▸ Mario 64▸ Mario Kart 64▸ Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter▸ Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes▸ Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes▸ Metroid: Other M▸ Pikmin 3▸ Road 96▸ Skate 4 / Skate.▸ Skyrim▸ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate▸ Super Street Fighter II Turbo▸ Tales of Berseria▸ The DioFeld Chronicles▸ Ultima▸ Valorant▸ X-Men vs. Street FighterTIMECODES ▼00:00:00 Intro00:15:25 What we playin'00:49:39 Kirby's Dream Buffet - Bite-Sized Multiplayer Mayhem00:53:21 Bayonetta 3 Gets Optional Lewd-Free Mode & 2022 Release Date01:01:21 Skate 4 Gets A New Name & Will Be Free-To-Play01:10:01 Nintendo Buys Animation Studio Dynamo Pictures For In-House CG Work01:13:06 You Can Play Doom In Doom (DOS)?!01:18:31 One Min For The Swin01:43:17 Bigwig Celebrates Our 2 Year Anniversary02:13:33 Outro & Next Week