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071: Girlfriend's Alley (Elden Ring, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Triangle Strategy)






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We're back again! After an unplanned hiatus, it's time to get stuck into another Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 6 Mar 2022. Join integot, Mike and Swinny for a special catch-up episode, as well as a bombastic trio of impression features.

So suck it up Kirby-style and get a mean mouthful of these highlights:


▸ Kirby & The Forgotten Land demo impressions

▸ Triangle Strategy impressions

▸ ...and we chat about what we've been up to during the break

#EldenRing #Kirby #TriangleStrategy

Games covered this week:

▸ Candy Crush Saga

▸ Elden Ring


▸ Gran Turismo 7

▸ Infernax

▸ Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Fatesworn

▸ Kirby & The Forgotten Land

▸ Kitaria Fables

▸ The Order: 1886

▸ Triangle Strategy

▸ You Must Build a Boat


00:00:00 Intro

00:05:00 The Big Catch-Up - What's Been Happening?

00:44:25 One Min For The Swin

00:48:54 Kirby & The Forgotten Land Demo Impressions

00:59:17 Triangle Strategy Impressions - New HD-2D RPG From Square Enix

01:08:41 Elden Ring Impressions - Was It Worth The Wait?

01:51:49 Outro & Next Week

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091: Banana Pig (Game Pass Family Plan, NieR Automata Secret Door, Overrogue)

FULL PODCAST ▸ ▸**NEW** DISCORD ▸ / STREAMING ▼▸ YouTube:▸ Twitch: PODCAST ▼▸ Spotify:▸ Apple Podcasts:▸ RSS: ▼▸ Instagram:▸ TikTok:▸ Facebook:▸ Twitter: ▼The Bigwig crew is back at it again in this week's Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 7 August 2022. Join integot, Mike and Swinny ask they groan on for hours about the games they hate, the news they hate... how they'll never be, anything they hate...*ahem* This week we chat about the new Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, Valve adding Joycon support to Steam and one of the craziest community stories in games in recent memory. Oh, and Swinny plays another Kemco/EXE-CREATE game. What a surprise.These are your highlights... they were made for you:▸ Xbox testing out a new Game Pass family plan▸ Swinny reviews Kemco's take on a Slay the Spire style RPG▸ And the mystery of NieR Automata's secret door that took the community by storm.#XboxGamePass #NieRAutomata #OverrogueGames covered this week:▸ Drakengard 3▸ Garden Story▸ Nier / NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...▸ NieR Automata▸ Overrogue▸ Rise of the Third Power▸ Slay the Spire▸ Zero Escape: The Nonary GamesTIMECODES ▼00:00:00 Intro00:06:25 What we playin'00:26:44 Overrogue Review - Kemco's Take On A Deckbuilder RPG00:35:39 Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Being Tested By Microsoft00:40:57 Steam Adds Nintendo Switch Joycon Controller Support00:46:14 The Mystery Of NieR Automata's Secret Door00:58:33 One Min For The Swin01:22:03 Outro & Next Week

090: Mr Nosferatu (Analogue Jailbreak?, PSVR2, PlayStation Backbone, amiibo)

FULL PODCAST ▸ ▸**NEW** DISCORD ▸ / STREAMING ▼▸ YouTube:▸ Twitch: PODCAST ▼▸ Spotify:▸ Apple Podcasts:▸ RSS: ▼▸ Instagram:▸ TikTok:▸ Facebook:▸ Twitter: ▼LOOK OUT BELOW! We're dropping another BIG episode of Big Week in Gaming for this Wednesday 3 August 2022. What do we have in store this week? Well... Analogue have started opening up the Analogue Pocket with OpenFPGA, Sony revealed new features of the PSVR2 and the new PlayStation Backbone controller, Mario Kart 8 takes a trip to Sydney, Minecraft amiibo news & heaps more!Mike also debuts his new special feature GAMESPRESSO - where he tries out a game he scored for $5 or under.So open up and let us plug these highlights into your cores:▸ The Analogue Pocket is finally starting to open up it's capabilities▸ Sony reveals new details about the PlayStation VR 2's interface and features▸ And will this be the final 1 Min for the Swin?#AnaloguePocket #PSVR #amiiboGames covered this week:▸ 3000th Duel▸ Ambition Record▸ As Dusk Falls▸ Bayonetta▸ Daikatana (Game Boy Color)▸ Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels▸ Gale of Windoria▸ Gran Turismo▸ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe▸ MotoGP 22▸ Overrogue▸ Road 96▸ Super Smash Bros Ultimate▸ The Warlock of Firetop Mountain▸ Wario Land 4▸ Watch_Dogs 2TIMECODES ▼00:00:00 Intro00:08:00 Early impressions on Xenoblade Chronicles 300:15:30 What we playin'00:39:52 The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain | Budget Gaming (Mike's Gamespresso)00:47:53 Analogue OpenFPGA - The Jailbreak We've Been Waiting For?01:04:44 PlayStation VR 2 News - See-Through View & More01:18:48 PlayStation x Backbone One iPhone Controller Announced01:28:40 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course DLC Wave 2 Goes Down Under01:34:06 Minecraft amiibo News! Steve & Alex Release Date01:40:02 One Min For The Swin01:52:56 Outro & Next Week

089: PowerWash Throuple (Stray, Powerwash Simulator, Discord on Xbox, John Romero, Lego Atari)

FULL PODCAST ▸ ▸**NEW** DISCORD ▸ / STREAMING ▼▸ YouTube:▸ Twitch: PODCAST ▼▸ Spotify:▸ Apple Podcasts:▸ RSS: ▼▸ Instagram:▸ TikTok:▸ Facebook:▸ Twitter: ▼It's been a whirlwind week of powerwashing, indie scifi soulslikes and post-apocalyptic cat aventures on this latest Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 24 July 2022.Join integot, Mike and Swinny as they chat about a bunch of games - including Stray, Powerwash Simulator, As Dusks Falls, Dolmen & much more. We also talk shop about that latest video gaming headlines - such as Xbox getting Discord voice chat, John Romero making a new FPS, the new Lego Atari set and Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak amiibo HYPE~!Don't STRAY too far people... or else you'll miss these purrfect highlights:▸ GAMES, GAMES, GAMES - including Stray and Powerwash Simulator▸ Xbox consoles are getting Discord voice chat before PlayStation▸ Doom legend John Romero is going to make you... a new FPS▸ And Lego reveal their spiffy new Atari 2600 lego set#StrayGame #JohnRomero #LegoAtari2600Games covered this week:▸ As Dusk Falls▸ Baba Is You▸ Daikatana▸ Dolmen▸ Doom▸ Doom II▸ Escape Academy▸ Hellpoint▸ Heretic▸ Hexen▸ Last Call BBS▸ Matchpoint: Tennis Championships▸ Mole Mania▸ Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak▸ My Friend Peppa Pig▸ Paw Patrol▸ Powerwash Simulator▸ Quake▸ Sigil▸ Stray▸ Wolfenstein 3DTIMECODES ▼00:00:00 Intro00:13:35 Stray Review - Cutest Post-Apocalyptic Game Ever?00:33:40 Powerwash Simulator - What Do We Think?00:46:52 What we playin'01:02:11 Xbox Is Getting Discord Voice Chat01:12:11 Doom & iD Software Legend John Romero Is Making A New FPS01:22:35 Lego Announce New Atari 2600 (VCS) Retro Set01:32:05 Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak amiibo - Australian Release Date Moved Up!01:45:56 One Min For The Swin01:59:14 Outro & Next Week