cover art for (unlocked) BONUS ep 123 - six fairly large breasts


(unlocked) BONUS ep 123 - six fairly large breasts

we unfortunately were unable to record an episode of the free feed this week so there is an unlocked bonus episode. Hooray!!!


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  • ep 286 - looking at my dog with night vision goggles on

    Check out the patreon for extra episodes and videos of the episodes! Ah! AHHH!!!The team journeys back in memory as Demi thinks about the Bananas in Pajamas, then journey into the world of guys with night vision goggles. Also Demi DID find the beans in jeans in a 1989 bananas in pajamas book. Well, Brendan found a screenshot of it and posted it to our work chat seconds after Demi spent $80 on the book. All the best to you all!
  • ep 285 - a gorgeous trans pride cake

    More episodes (and video of episodes!) at enjoy this episode where we yap, chatter and talk about r/baking and more. There's ever so many things to go into and thank god we're here to do it! The rest of the episode description is going to be grunting. Uckh, Grah OOoerrghghg, Gguh guuh hggughh guughhg ogoghgh. auughg aooghghg
  • ep. 284 - The New York Times Crossword, and other things to ruin

    Gragggh! Graaa!HH!!Rat Forum, New York Time Crossword and the HATED Rat for video and more episodes
  • ep 283 - I am going to invoice you for your child's actions

    for more episodes check out children must be invoiced as soon as possible and for an incredible sum. They must be held responsible, and also it wouldn't hurt to zap them with a device meant to hurt cattle juuust a little bit.
  • ep 281 - i can't believe i forgot to upload this oh my god

    these are out of order now because i'm a shithead
  • ep 282 - my wife has a 95% chance to fatally shoot this dog

  • ep 280 - a touch of class at the cinema

    Another crazy episode. did we talk about the funny long hair horse this time? if so it's the episode image! If not it's a bonus. For more bst, check out the patreon:
  • ep 279 - demi quest

    Ugh! Gah! You find yourself in a room filled with quests. Do you do them??! Wow!For video of this episode check out
  • ep 278 - melbounes nude bsrber

    I think it's a reasonable amount of shirts.If you'd like to listen ad-free, hear more bst, or WATCH this episode check us out on patreon!