cover art for ep 272 - Turtle Chips. Essentially sponsored content for Turtle Chips


ep 272 - Turtle Chips. Essentially sponsored content for Turtle Chips

wow! check out the patreon here it's linked for bonus episodes! we've got the video of this episode over there! ohh-ho-ho-ho

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  • ep 278 - melbounes nude bsrber

    I think it's a reasonable amount of shirts.If you'd like to listen ad-free, hear more bst, or WATCH this episode check us out on patreon!
  • ep 277 - gifts for my fun-loving boss

    episode available ad-free AND with a video option on patreon!Another Who's Grandpa that gives incredible insight into Tom, Demi, and the higher class of society. The people who are better than us. I love them I'd do anything for them I'd do anything for my wonderful boss
  • ep 276 - patrick's song

    it's a topsy turvy time where we released the patreon ep before the free ep! To see, or listen to, the patreon ep, click over here.Miniature horses and more in this episode. What a lovely time! Also Norm is the pic.
  • ep 275 - only my perfect dave will tell me biden's plans

    for more episodes and video of the episodes, check out! Wow!I don't give a crap if you do or not but you CAN watch the episode if you sign up! And in this one we do some cavorting and frolicking so you know you'd like to. Anyways, what a wonderful time we have talking about Recent Political News (wha??!?!), Australian theme parks and art. Tom and Demi are soooo smart.
  • ep 274 - a wonderful way of expressing yourself

    Hello everyone it's the crazy episode! An "into the cosmo" and a dive into the beautiful world of small town US news. A dog is in the principal's office.Check out for more episodes!
  • ep 273 - the sheriff of [incomprehensible], [incomprehensible]

    Wanna watch this episode? Fine by me! Check it out here yeah another damn episode. not my fault! not my fault there's another one of them! oh i guess it is my fault.this episode has a short true crime interlude and tom and demi's crazy story time. okay cards on the table i can't remember anything that happened in this one. I'm in Adelaide for the Adelaide Fringe and remembering the layout of its little grid city has completely taken over my brain. I remembered EXACTLY enough to put in the title of the episode. but i remember it was funny.You can book tickets to my adelaide fringe show here:
  • ep 271 - The Wonderful Goose.

    No midroll ad. Too caught up in The Goose. If you liked that and want episodes without ANY ads as well as exclusive video content, check out the patreon over at listen to podcasts to get complex, thoughtful answers to questions that matter. Like what if a goose was wonderful? What if a goose was so, so nice, and on some level the world understood that, and everything in the world protected the goose and made sure that this beautiful thing stayed beautiful? Also we talk about some other shit for a little in there but it really doesn't matter. This is the goose episode.
  • ep 270 - my ex, who is a firefighter and in the army, by the way,

    Want video & more eps? check out da patreonSome wonderful revelations by Demi - a new ex has joined the fray, and he's destroying all the ex's and making Tom feel like damn I'm about to be ousted! I hope no-one ousts me! Ahhhh please don't oust me, crap crap crap crap crap! Today the gang (Tom and Demi) are kicking back and f'ing around for Fun. Check it out here.