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Don't Hug It Out (Part 1)

Season 6, Ep. 18

In this special two-part episode, Rachel and Suzanne explain why in any argument, the solution is never just to "hug it out." In part one, they share their stories of past interpersonal conflicts and breaches of trust, and why the only way out of a disagreement is through.

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  • 3. How to Find a Coworker’s Salary

    Can I snoop in my boss’s desk to find out if my coworkers are making more than me? Surely there are better ways! (There are. We’ve got ‘em here.)BonfireWomen.comSuzanne: @suzannemuchinRachel: @rachelbellowProduced by Jenn Bane, M. Harris & Co.Mixed, edited, scored by Ryan Dieringer, Welterweight Sound
  • 2. Get People To Listen to You in Meetings

    Public speaking must-do’s to get your colleagues to shut up and listen.BonfireWomen.comSuzanne: @suzannemuchin (IG)Rachel: @rachelbellow (IG)Produced by Jenn Bane, M. Harris & Co.Mixed, edited, scored by Ryan Dieringer, Welterweight Sound
  • 1. How to Say “I Don’t Know” at Work

    How do I say “I don’t know” without sounding like a moron? It’s all in the delivery. We’ll share how to nail this — and how to fail this. Because we have both failed at this one. (PSST: It’s a new season of Bonfire. Every week we’ll answer one burning question, and we’re kicking off with a banger.) Suzanne: [social media]Rachel: [social media]Produced by Jenn Bane, M. Harris & Co.Mixed, edited, scored by Ryan Dieringer, Welterweight Sound
  • 4. The Formula for Resetting Yourself in 2023

    What if there were no changes in the new year? What if there was no “new year, new me?” What if the mantra was simply “New Year. This is me.” What would that require of you? In this episode, Rachel and Suzanne challenge the myth that we must improve ourselves and set resolutions for the year. Perhaps what we really need to do is the opposite:… radical self-acceptance. This episode contains an epic three-part exercise that will reset your inner barometer and leave you feeling exactly like…you!.. We believe every word of this one.  You won’t want to miss it.
  • 3. Well That’s Not Okay

    As we navigate the final stretch of the 2022 year, Rachel and Suzanne will take your hand and guide you to the finish line. They dispel the ubiquitous self-improvement rhetoric that haunts women this time of year. Rachel and Suzanne remind you to disregard New Years' resolutions and remember you are already where you need to be! In the end, they answer lightning round questions from various younger listeners, and share their hot takes! This episode has everything from the cryptocurrency meltdown to James Charles. You won’t want to miss it.
  • 2. Women are Witches

    Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and winner of Survivor: Micronesia. She is best known for spearheading the show's first all-female alliance and has since become a serious student of female power. Rachel and Suzanne talk with Parvati and discuss the witching ways female power works in the world. This episode is magic.  You won’t want to miss it.
  • 1. TEASER - Did You Actually Just Ghost Me?

    Episode 1 Teaser, Rachel and Suzanne are back!
  • 1. Did You Actually Just Ghost Me?

    Have you ever thought about why a “friend” stopped replying? Maybe you never heard back from a prospective employer? In this premier episode, Rachel and Suzanne take on the growing phenomenon of Ghosting. They listen to three callers who’ve been ghosted or have ghosted themselves and break it down in real-time. Rachel and Suzanne will dispel some sticky myths and tell you what to do when this happens.
  • 27. Feeling Ourselves

    Why is it that when women display their vulnerabilities and downplay their strengths, they are “relatable” and “brave,” but when they proudly embody their power and skills they are alienated? In this little shorty of an episode, Rachel and Suzanne discuss power, self-confidence, and nude photo shoots.