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Big Squid with Justin Hamilton

Dune 2, The Zone of Interest, Mr and Mrs Smith, and More

Season 7, Ep. 67

It's one on one time with Hammo as he gives his reviews of Dune 2, The Zone of Interest, Mr and Mrs Smith, and waffles about some other stuff too.

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  • 73. Hit Man Thoughts

    Some one-on-one time with Hammo as he shares his thoughts on Richard Linklater's latest film Hit Man, starring Glenn Powell.
  • 72. Furiosa - A Mad Max Saga discussion with author Garth Jones

    Hammo is finally back in the studio with author Garth Jones to discuss Furiosa - A Mad Max Saga.
  • 71. New Movies Review

    Hammo is back with some movie recommendations including Challengers, Civil War, The Fall Guy, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Fremont, and Evil Does Not Exist. Six movies for the price of one (free) podcast.
  • 70. Books, graphic novels, and more books!

    Hammo shares his favourite books and graphic novels that he read in 2023. Why did it take this long to record? Because a certain Hammo lost his list for a while. Hammo!
  • 50. Patreon - The Weekly Segment Breakdown

    In this Patreon only episode, Hammo breaks down how his segment on The Weekly went through a few drafts before landing on what went to air. To see the clip, head to
  • 69. Favourite Films 2023

    Hammo finally gets around to discussing his favourite films of 2023.
  • 68. Oscars 2024 - Mini Podcast

    Hammo recorded his thoughts on the Oscars 2024 once they finished and he stopped doing cartwheels for Nolan.
  • 66. Steph Broadbridge - Best Dog Joke Ever!

    Comedian Steph Broadbridge makes her Big Squid debut discussing her career and new stand-up show, "Best Dog Joke Ever!"