Big Squid with Justin Hamilton

  • 88. In a Violent Nature

    Hammo reviews In a Violent Nature, only in Australian cinemas from August 1-4.
  • 87. Maxxxine Review

    Hammo had a chance to see the last in the Ti West/Mia Goth horror trilogy and has thoughts on Maxxxine.
  • 86. Twisters Review

    Hammo has seen the film Twisters, mainly for Glenn Powell and Daisy Edgar Jones. What did he think of the rest of the film though?
  • 85. Author James Colley - The Next Big Thing and The Bear s3

    Author James Colley joins Hammo to discuss his brand new book, "The Next Big Thing", his thoughts on season 3 of The Bear and a little NBA chat right at the end.
  • 84. The Bear Season 3 Episode 10

    Hammo finishes his recapping of season 3 of The Bear with episode 10, "Forever".
  • 83. The Bear Season 3 Episode 9

    Hammo continues his breakdown of each episode in season 3 of The Bear. Today's podcast covers episode 9, "Apologies".
  • 82. The Bear Season 3 Episode 8

    The next episode in the s3 watch along of The Bear is here, with Hammo breaking down episode 8, "Ice Chips".
  • 81. The Bear Season 3 Episode 7

    The Bears s3 episode 7 is the next episode covered in this one-day at a time watch along with Hammo. Now, learn how to apologise stat!
  • 80. The Bear Season 3 Episode 6

    Hammo continues his recaps of season 3 of the Bear with episode 6, "Napkins". It's all about beautiful Tina!