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  • 6. Owen Colgan "Have ya any biscuits?

    Owen Colgan, Irish cult comedy hero best known for his role as Buzz McDonnell from Hardy Bucks for which he has starred in 4 hit seasons aired on Ireland's national broadcaster RTE and the Hardy Bucks hit movie which media coined 'the Irish Hangover' on Netflix. Owen talks about growing up in Mayo, the 'success' of Netflix and plans for the future.

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  • 5. Mickey Joe Harte - "Sometimes you don't know what's good for ya"

    Mickey Joe Harte was a special guest on a number of my live shows and it was a pleasure to sit down with him for a few hours to reflect on his career to date and relive that famous Eurovision night. MJ is a singer songwriter who represented Ireland in 2003 with his number one hit "We've got the world tonight". In a very honest and refreshing interview, Mickey Joe talks about his regrets, what he would do differently if he had the time back and the fact that he didn't like the song that would change his career.
  • 4. Dympna Little "Everyone knows a mad c#nt"

    I sat down for a chat with Dympna Little, better known by her online handle @dimplestilskin about how she deals with her new found internet fame. Dympna kindly stepped in last minute for my last live show at the Tf Royal Theatre and we chat about what it was like performing to 2000 people in Mayo.
  • 3. Robert Mizzell "I'm only good because people tell me I'm good"

    Multi award winning singer Robert Mizzell has made Ireland his home for over 20 years. He served his apprenticeship in Country Music since he first arrived here, and is now a top Country Artist in Ireland and the UK. He has released 12 solo studio albums and 2 full length DVD’s to date, and is constantly touring Ireland and the UK with his band “The Country Kings”.In an open and frank discussion, Robert speaks about his opinion on the current state of the "Country Music Scene" in Ireland and gives us an insight into his thoughts about the future of Ireland in general.
  • 2. Sir Stevo Timothy (Farmer Michael) "One loud boo over a thousand cheers"

    Sir Stevo Timothy, an Irish comedian who killed his friend after making 'the worst decision' to get on his motorbike while drunk has revealed the stark three choices he gave himself as he recovered in hospital. Stevo, also known as Farmer Michael, killed his friend John Laffey in 2005 after the pair had been drinking until the early hours in the Mervue area of Galway and he agreed to drive them home.  Stevo, who had battled alcoholism since his teens, lost control of the bike, on which John was riding pillion, and woke up hours later in hospital, having lost feeling from his chest down. His father later told him that his friend had died in the crash. He now speaks about what happened to encourage others not to drink and drive, saying: 'When you're sitting up in the National Rehab hospital and you're paralysed from the chest down and you're naked and a man is showering you or voiding your bowels - that'll really help you reevaluate the decisions you've made in your life." The actor and comedian, who has more than a million followers on social media, broke his neck and back and was left with serious spinal injuries in the accident. He now uses a wheelchair. Stevo also talks about the positives and negatives of having a large following on social media.
  • 1. Eileen McHugh "The answer is in community"

    Eileen McHugh is CEO of Hair Together, which offers barbering and hairstyling training and a wellness head start to young people. She lives in Dublin with her two daughters. Growing up in Ballymun, Eileen was involved with drugs in the 1990s. She tried heroin for the first time when she was 15, and she did fifth and sixth year in school fully addicted. Long story short Eileen was 29 when she finally got clean.
  • 9. SPECIAL: Ships, Sh*ts & Giggles

    Alan was invited to check out the brand new SUN PRINCESS from Princess Cruises. During our 5 day trip we explored Turkey, Crete, Italy and a day at sea on this next generation, state of the art ship. Alan's plus one Donal Byrne took full advantage of the "all inclusive" package.