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a podcast by Life Church / Pastor Jon Schwartz, Pastor Gabe Rodriguez & friends

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  • 4. 004: My Father Killed His Brother"

    Welcome to Episode 4 of the "Beyond the Pulpit" podcast where we dive deep into the stories that are often left unspoken in the traditional sermon setting. This episode features a heartfelt discussion with Otis Gordon , a long-time member of Life Church, who shares his incredible journey of faith, struggle, and redemption.In this episode, Otis opens up about his early life challenges, including personal battles with addiction and the profound impact of God's faithfulness in his life. His story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith and the strength to overcome even the darkest times through divine grace.Join Pastor Gabe, Pastor Jon, and Otis as they explore themes of recovery, spiritual awakening, and the impactful role of faith in personal transformation. This conversation aims to inspire and encourage anyone facing their own battles, offering hope and a reminder of the endless possibilities that come with true faith.Whether you're dealing with personal struggles or seeking inspiration to help others, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to hear how Otis's experiences shaped his life and how his story can potentially influence yours.Remember, every story has the power to inspire. We're here to share these stories because everyone's journey matters. Don't miss this episode of "Beyond the Pulpit" - where real life and faith come together.🔗 Follow us on:• Website:• Instagram:• YouTube: #Recovery #Transformation #LifeChurch #BeyondThePulpit #ChristianPodcast #Inspirational

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  • 3. 003: Transition, Marriage, and Raising Girls

    In episode 3 of "Beyond the Pulpit" Pastor Gabe sits down with new Lead Pastors, Pastors Jon and Andrea Schwartz, to talk about how they got here, what's kept them going, and real life raising girls. #beyondthepulpit #conversations #stay #church #discipleship #christian #jesus #realtalk #transition #family #marriage
  • 2. 002: Building Bridges, Not Billboards

    Join us for episode 2 of "Beyond the Pulpit" as we sit down with Pastor Chris Erwin from Church of the Highlands, campus pastor of the Montgomery campus. Pastor Chris shares his journey from early days in the Pentecostal church to leading a thriving campus in his hometown. Learn how his passion for team building and community transformation is making an impact in Alabama. With personal stories, transparent faith, and a vision for the future, this podcast explores the powerful role of the church in transforming communities and spreading hope. Whether you're a church leader, community advocate, or someone looking for inspiration, this episode is an example to what's possible when faith, leadership, and community unite.#beyondthepulpit #conversations #stay #church #discipleship #christian #jesus #realtalk
  • 1. 001: Introducing Beyond The Pulpit

    Episode 1 is a conversation between Pastor Jon Schwartz (lead pastor successor of Life Church) and Pastor Gabe Rodriguez (content pastor) talking about what has kept them from walking away from their faith and from the Church.
  • Official Trailer: Beyond the Pulpit Podcast

    BEYOND THE PULPIT is a show hosted by Pastors Jon Schwartz and Gabe Rodriguez of Life Church in Allentown, PA. This show is a place to have real conversations about real things with real people. We talk about things you can’t talk about on a Sunday morning, but we need to talk about.