Beyond Your WHY


Women In Leadership: A Need For A Greater Systemic Change With Belinda Clemmensen

Season 4, Ep. 40

Do you find yourself feeling restless in the status quo? Do you have that urge to take things and make them better? If so, then you are like this episode’s guest. An ultimate innovator, Belinda Clemmensen is passionate about the potential positive change when women lead at scale. Having co-created Paddle to a Cure and founded The Women’s Leadership Intensive, she discovered the power in having women work together and doing things differently. In this conversation, she sits down with Dr. Gary Sanchez to share how her WHY of Better Way continues to motivate her work with the feminist movement. She dives deep into the systemic change that needs to happen to encourage more women in leadership roles, equipping us with data and insights on diversity, equality, and meritocracy in the workplace. Find out more about Belinda’s work and let it inspire and empower you to lead the change the world needs.

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