Beyond Your WHY


Win on Purpose

Season 2, Ep. 31

Meet Jerry Lujan

His WHY is Better Way

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way)

Jerry Lujan believes that when you find a better way to make a positive impact on people's lives, you have an obligation to share it and make a difference. As a 30-year veteran in the insurance industry, Jerry found a better way to quadruple his business while cutting his previous 80 hour work week in half. Due to this, he was named one of The 25 Most Innovative Agents in America.

As founder of Elevation180, creator of The Win180 Success Program, and the author of Win on Purpose, Jerry is committed to coaching people in order to prepare them to win before they ever show up. He does this by helping them develop successful habits, cultivate elite performance, and maximize the freedom of time for each of his coaching clients. Many of Jerry's coaching clients report the having the best year of their careers when they work with him.

You can connect with Jerry online at: or send him an email at

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How To Find Clarity After Unexpected Opposition

Season 2, Ep. 49
Meet Robert Teschner.His WHY is Contribute.Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).Robert Teschner, callsign “Cujo”, is a retired Air Force fighter pilot. He was the top F-15C “Eagle” graduate in his class at the USAF Weapons Instructor Course—the Air Force version of “TOP GUN”. Cujo was asked to return as a Weapons School Instructor and subsequently became the Air Force’s subject matter expert on team accountability, something high-performance teams refer to as a “Debrief”. Cujo eventually commanded one of America’s very few operational F-22A “Raptor” squadrons. During his Air Force career, Cujo flew combat missions over Iraq, homeland defense missions in the United States, and deployed with his F-22 squadron across the Pacific. In 2014 Cujo was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. This adversity fundamentally changed his trajectory—he went from accepting a leadership position in the F-22, to retiring early and having to figure out how to provide for his family with a body that was broken. Cujo’s unexpected pivot out of the Air Force is a topic he tackles in his work with organizations looking to build resilience, develop team members with grit and the ability to overcome adversity. Cujo now teaches leaders how to embrace the tenets of high-performance teamwork in their businesses to achieve better performance, drive engagement and accomplish their missions. He has simplified and adapted the tactics, techniques and procedures high-performance teams use to help any organization win bigger and build teams that work. Cujo is the author of the national bestselling book Debrief to Win and is an increasingly in-demand keynote speaker.