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Beyond Your WHY

“Too Much” Is Your Magic: Keira Brinton’s Journey to Embracing Uniqueness

Season 5, Ep. 12

In this episode of the "Beyond Your WHY" podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with Kiera Brinton, a true embodiment of embracing authenticity and defying societal norms. Kiera's transformative journey showcases the power of challenging conventions and embracing one's unique self to unlock incredible personal growth and fulfillment. Her story resonates with anyone seeking to break free from conformity and step into their authentic power.

Three Major Takeaways:

  • Embracing Uniqueness: Learn how Kiera's refusal to conform to societal norms led to liberation and self-discovery, demonstrating the profound impact of embracing one's uniqueness.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Discover how challenges and adversities can be pivotal moments for growth, serving as catalysts for transformative life changes and newfound purpose.
  • Creating Impact: Explore the concept of being "too much" and how it can actually be your superpower, leading to the creation of communities, connections, and world-changing impacts.

Unlock the secrets to embracing authenticity and unleashing your unique power by tuning into this episode. Join Kiera and Dr. Sanchez as they delve into the transformative journey of self-discovery, offering valuable insights and inspiration to all who are ready to break free from the confines of societal expectations.

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    Meet Hallie Rojeski. Her WHY is Better Way.Hallie Rojeski is a trailblazer in the field of special education and leadership. With over two decades of experience, she stands out as the head of school at the John Crossland School in Charlotte, North Carolina, known for its focus on students with learning differences. Hallie's unique journey, marked by a profound interest in neurodiversity sparked in her youth, has led her to become a leading voice in understanding and celebrating the different ways people learn and think. Her innovative approaches in educational leadership and her commitment to understanding individual motivations make her insights invaluable for educators, parents, and leaders alike.In this episode, you will learn about:The Evolution of Special Education: Discover Hallie's personal and professional journey and how it has shaped her approach to special education, emphasizing understanding and meeting diverse learning needs.Innovative Leadership Strategies: Gain insights into Hallie's leadership style at the John Crossland School, particularly her focus on leveraging team members' strengths and motivations using the WHY Discovery process.Empowering Neurodiverse Students: Explore Hallie's future plans to implement the WHY Discovery framework with students, aimed at enhancing self-awareness and aligning their paths with intrinsic motivations.Tune in to this enlightening episode to delve into the transformative world of special education with Hallie Rojeski, and learn how understanding the 'why' can make all the difference in education and leadership.
  • 18. Turning Pain into Power: 4 Impactful Lessons from Singer Aro Rose's Life

    Meet Aro Rose, Her WHY is Challenge. Aro Rose, an American singer-songwriter and actress, is a unique voice in the music and entertainment industry. Born in Manhattan, New York, Aro's life has been deeply intertwined with music and acting. From playing the piano and writing poems in high school to attending the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, her journey is marked by a passion for storytelling, whether through melodies or on stage. Her album "Damaged," reflecting on personal struggles and resilience, showcases her commitment to connecting with audiences on a deeply emotional level.Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Learn how Aro Rose's personal challenges, including the tragic loss of her mother, shaped her music and acting career, offering hope and solace to others facing similar struggles.Creative Process and Inspiration: Gain insight into Aro's unique approach to songwriting and acting, where life experiences and films serve as the foundation for her artistic expression.Navigating the Entertainment Industry: Discover Aro Rose's experiences in the competitive realms of music and acting, and her strategies for maintaining integrity and personal values.To explore the fascinating journey of Aro Rose and get inspired by her resilience and creativity, tune in to this episode of the "Beyond Your WHY" podcast. Her story is not just about music and acting; it's about the power of the arts to heal, connect, and transform lives.  
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    Meet Dr. Ivan Misner, his WHY is Contribute. Dr. Ivan Misner is a titan of networking and a beacon of entrepreneurial success, renowned for founding BNI, the world's largest business networking organization. With a legacy that spans the creation of a global empire facilitating billions in business referrals, Dr. Misner's insights are invaluable. His journey from humble beginnings to a New York Times bestselling author and a recognized authority in business networking makes him a pivotal figure for anyone looking to thrive in the interconnected world of business.Three Major Things You Will Learn:How a commitment to contributing to others' success can be the cornerstone of a global enterprise, as demonstrated by Dr. Misner's foundational philosophy for BNI.The transformative power of education and mentorship in shaping a leader, illustrated by Dr. Misner's personal academic journey and the influence of leadership experts like Warren Bennis.The accidental origins of BNI and the importance of seizing opportunities, showcasing how Dr. Misner's initial need for referrals led to the creation of an international networking behemoth.Don't miss out on the chance to gain wisdom from the master of networking himself. Listen to this episode to unlock the secrets of building a global network and the profound impact of finding your "why" in business and life. Tune in now to "Beyond Your WHY" and let Dr. Ivan Misner inspire your next big move.
  • 16. The Power of Mentorship: 3 Key Takeaways from Paul Martinelli's Rise to Success

    Meet Paul Martinelli, his WHY is Mastery. Paul Martinelli is an internationally acclaimed speaker, mentor, and coach who has transformed from a high school dropout with a stuttering problem to sharing stages with some of the biggest names in leadership and personal development. His journey, marked by challenges, resilience, and the transformative power of mentorship, makes him a beacon of hope and a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and guidance, anyone can achieve greatness.Discover Paul's early life challenges and how they shaped his beliefs and self-concept, leading him to drop out of high school.Uncover the pivotal role of the book "Think and Grow Rich" in Paul's life, and how mentorship from Patrick Hayes changed his thinking patterns and set him on a path to success.Learn about Paul's commitment to empowering others, drawing from his own experiences to awaken and uplift individuals with low self-esteem or self-belief.Don't miss out on this inspiring episode filled with valuable life lessons and transformative insights. Dive in and listen now!
  • 15. Three Key Contributors to Success: MGM Exec Secrets to Win Big

    Chris Baldizan is an influential figure in the entertainment industry, boasting a successful career with MGM Resorts International. In this enlightening episode, Chris shares his captivating journey from humble beginnings to becoming an executive vice president in one of the world's leading entertainment companies. His insights into mentorship, the art of listening, and the evolving entertainment landscape make him a compelling voice in the field.In This Episode, You Will Learn:-The Power of Mentorship: Chris attributes much of his success to the guidance of mentors who have shaped his career and decision-making.-The Importance of Listening: Discover how active listening has played a pivotal role in Chris's personal and professional relationships, offering valuable lessons for all.-Evolution of the Entertainment Industry: Gain insights into the transformative journey of the entertainment industry, from traditional shows to innovative live experiences.Chris Baldizan's remarkable career journey unveils the profound impact of mentorship, the significance of being a good listener, and the ever-changing world of live entertainment. Tune in to uncover the secrets behind his success and explore the dynamic evolution of the entertainment industry. Listen now for an inspiring conversation that may change how you view the world of entertainment.
  • 14. Rewrite Your Narrative: Fueling Confidence and Purpose with Loren Lahav

    Loren Lahav, a renowned empowerment expert and speaker, takes center stage in this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast hosted by Dr. Gary Sanchez. Loren's expertise lies in helping women unlock their potential, realize their self-worth, and overcome self-doubt. Her profound insights have impacted countless lives, making her an indispensable figure in the realm of personal growth and empowerment.Three Major Takeaways:Own Your Worth and Banish Self-Doubt: Loren Lahav delves into the pivotal concept of self-worth and reveals powerful strategies to break free from the grip of self-doubt. Through her own experiences and expert advice, listeners gain insights into recognizing their value and building unshakable self-confidence.Embrace Authenticity and Set Boundaries: Loren emphasizes the importance of authenticity in aligning actions with personal values. Listeners discover the significance of setting clear boundaries in relationships and life pursuits, enabling them to navigate challenges and make decisions that resonate with their true selves.Transformative Rituals and Intentional Living: Drawing from her life-changing rituals, Loren shares the significance of intentional living. By practicing positive affirmations, anchoring oneself in empowering beliefs, and prioritizing self-care, listeners are equipped with practical tools to create a purposeful and empowered life.Ready to Elevate Your Life? Tune in to this episode as Loren Lahav and Dr. Gary Sanchez unveil the keys to transforming your self-worth, embracing authenticity, and crafting a life of purpose. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation that will inspire you to step into your greatness. Listen now to embark on your journey towards empowerment and self-discovery.
  • 13. The Journey of a Priest: Father Nathan Cromly’s Path with WHY

    Father Nathan - Bridging Spirituality, Business, and RelationshipsIn this enlightening episode, we delve into the life and insights of Father Nathan, a Catholic priest who defies stereotypes by forging connections between spirituality, business, and relationships. Father Nathan's unique approach challenges the status quo and offers a fresh perspective on how to navigate life's challenges with love and purpose.Discover:Father Nathan's journey from engineering to priesthood and his mission to bridge the gap between spirituality and practicality.The power of love as a central value in both personal relationships and the world of business.How to find purpose and meaning by embracing challenges and viewing them as opportunities for growth.By listening to this episode, you will:Gain valuable insights into blending spirituality and business, and how these principles can enhance personal growth and professional success.Learn about the importance of seeing others as individuals to serve, cultivating deeper relationships, and spreading compassion.Explore the concept of challenging the norm, breaking stereotypes, and embracing humility as a path to personal development and making a positive impact.Tune in to this episode for a thought-provoking conversation that encourages you to rethink conventional boundaries and consider how love, challenge, and humility can transform your approach to business, relationships, and life.
  • 11. The Path to Cash: The Door Opening Strategy with Caryn Kopp

    In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting Caryn Kopp, a seasoned expert in sales messaging and business development. Caryn's extensive experience has made her a master of opening doors to new business opportunities, and her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategies.Discover the Power of Value: Caryn emphasizes the importance of focusing on the value your product or service offers rather than just highlighting differentiation from competitors. Learn how to craft compelling messaging that resonates with prospects.Unveil the Right Prospects: Targeting the right prospects is critical. Caryn discusses effective methods to identify and engage prospects who are more likely to convert, saving time and effort.Overcome Objections with Confidence: Caryn shares proven techniques for anticipating objections and crafting responses that address prospects' concerns. Gain insights into handling objections to move prospects closer to a sale.Tune in to this episode to gain insights into refining your sales messaging, identifying prospects, and handling objections with finesse. Unlock Caryn's expertise and take your sales strategies to new heights.Whether you're a business owner, a sales professional, or anyone interested in mastering the art of sales messaging, this episode is a must-listen. Elevate your sales game by understanding the value-centric approach, prospect targeting, and objection handling strategies shared by Caryn Kopp. Don't miss out—listen to the full episode now to transform your sales approach.