Beyond Your WHY


The WHY Of Challenge: Why Being Unique And True To Yourself Will Find You Success With Mike Koenigs

Season 4, Ep. 2

When you talk about the Why of Challenge, the name Mike Koenigs should pop up. He is the embodiment of not playing by the rules and being unique. From hacking video games to Tony Robbins to creating a search engine optimization jackpot, Mike was living the dream until he had to abide by the rules. He then had his fair share of life problems but he always stayed true to who he is. Join your host, Dr. Gary Sanchez and he gets Mike to talk sabout his very unique career path. Learn how Mike found The Superpower Accelerator. Learn how he discovered his passion in turning business owners into business celebrities. Learn how all his years of experience helped him become who he is today. Discover why Mike is the best example of the Why of Challenge.

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