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Beyond Your WHY

Overcome the Odds and Supercharge Your Success

Season 2, Ep. 46

Meet Brandon Kelly. 

His WHY is Challenge. 

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).

Brandon Kelly is an extraordinary overachiever who has overcome 2 wrecks from arrant dump trucks, 2 rounds of aggressive cancer, and the owner and founder of 9 businesses including Magnitude Capital Investments as well as The CEO Super Summit.  

He has authored 7 books, 14 workshops, more than 60 awards including saving a life with extreme risk to himself and has recently started his own private equity hedge fund to buy hotels, resorts, and office towers. Brandon discovered his why at 16, 27, and 41 and has become a Nationally recognized speaker through the National Speaker Association having spoken to nearly 1 million people while coaching more than 100 companies to Elevate Their Efforts while they Elevate their Excellence through the Raise the Bar Academy.

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  • 35. Mastering Money: 7 Lessons from a Self-Made Millionaire's Journey with Dr. Susie Carder

    Meet Dr. Susie Carder. Her WHY is Contribute. Dr. Susie Carder is a self-made millionaire and a seasoned business coach who has built 10 multimillion-dollar companies. With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial growth and financial expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her practical advice and vibrant storytelling make her a must-listen for anyone interested in business and personal growth.In this episode, you will learn:The key practices that helped Dr. Susie build successful businesses from the ground up.Strategies for financial management that every entrepreneur needs to know.How to make wise choices that lead to long-term business sustainability.Make sure to tune into this episode to hear Dr. Susie Carder share her valuable insights on achieving success in business and life. Don't miss out on these practical tips—listen now!
  • 34. From Near-Death to Full Life: 6 Insights on Turning Crisis and Addiction into Opportunity

    Meet Kellan Fluckiger. His WHY is Contribute. In this week's episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, we meet Kellan Fluckiger, who shares his inspiring story of overcoming personal obstacles and finding his true purpose. Having faced severe challenges including depression and self-destructive behaviors, Kellan offers an honest look at his path to self-discovery and how understanding his "WHY" changed his life.Learn about the impact of self-awareness on personal recovery and growth.Discover practical strategies for turning life’s lowest points into opportunities for success.Gain insights into how speaking openly about struggles can help others.Don't miss this powerful episode! Tune in to hear Kellan Fluckiger's incredible story and learn how you can apply these lessons to your own life. Listen now and start moving towards a more fulfilled and successful you!
  • 33. 10 Questions That Will Change the Way You Connect with Clients with Richard Robbins

    Meet Richard Robbins. His WHY is Challenge. In this week's episode, we sit down with Richard Robbins, a name that stands tall in the real estate world. Richard's knack for turning challenges into opportunities has not only reshaped his career but also inspired many to rethink their approach to business and personal growth. His journey from making cold calls with unparalleled persistence to founding a successful real estate company is nothing short of inspiring.By tuning into this episode, you will discover:Effective strategies for building lasting connections with clients, going beyond the surface to forge genuine relationships.A deep dive into the art of cold calling and prospecting that actually results in new clients and not just unanswered calls.How finding your WHY can serve as a north star, guiding you through both personal and professional challenges.Don't miss out on this episode full of real-world advice and actionable tips. Listen now to get inspired and learn how to apply these insights to your own life and career.
  • 32. 10 Viral Secrets to Success: Cathey Armillas' Blueprint from Marketing Genius to TEDx Coach

    Meet Cathey Armillas. Her WHY is Challenge.Cathey Armillas isn't just anyone. She's a marketing pro who turned her sights on helping people give the best TED talks they can. She's been through a lot, from tough personal challenges to big wins in the business world. Cathey's got a knack for storytelling and knows how to connect with people, making her the perfect guest for this episode.By tuning in, you'll learn:How Cathy turned her toughest times into stepping stones for success.The secret sauce behind a viral TED talk that connects and sticks.Practical advice for anyone looking to step onto the TED stage and knock it out of the park.Don't miss out on this episode. It's packed with stories and tips that could help you bring your own big ideas into the spotlight. Hit play and start your journey to the TED stage today.
  • 31. Faith, Focus, and Finance: 3 Pillars of Purposeful Business Success with Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon

    Meet Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon. Her WHY.os is Contribute - Challenge - Better Way.She's an amazing coach who knows how to turn dreams into big bucks for business folks. She’s been through it all – yep, even bankruptcy – but came out on top with a booming business that’s all about helping people like you and me. She’s a whiz at making plans, shifting your thinking, and mixing a little faith into your work to bring out the best in your business.This chat is packed with goodies, like:Figuring out who you should really be selling to. Get this right, and watch your business soar!Bouncing back from tough times with tips that’ll not just get you through but help you climb higher.Blending what you believe with how you do business. It’s like a secret recipe for doing well and feeling great.Don’t skip this one! Tune in and grab the tools you need to pump up your business and fill your life with a bit more happiness. Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is here to guide the way, so let’s get started and make some magic happen in your business journey.
  • 30. Building Bridges: How Jerome Myers Turned his 'WHY' into a Career of Impact

    Meet Jerome Myers. His WHY is Contribute. In this episode of the "Beyond Your Why" podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez explores the why of "contribute" through the experiences of Jerome Myers, a former award-winning engineer turned business strategist. Myers shares his journey from a young boy inspired by a garbage man's work ethic to becoming a leader who strives to make a significant impact on the world. His story takes us from a fascination with engineering to a realization that his true passion lies in solving problems within businesses and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Myers discusses his corporate experiences, including leading a division from scratch to $20 million in revenue, and his transition into entrepreneurship, particularly in real estate. The episode delves into the importance of aligning one’s work with their core values, the challenges of navigating career transitions, and the fulfillment found in contributing to a greater cause.Finding One’s Why: The importance of discovering and living by one's core motivations.Career Transition: Myers' shift from engineering to entrepreneurship and real estate investment.Impact and Contribution: The drive to make a significant difference in the lives of others and the community.Leadership and Growth: Building and leading teams to achieve remarkable growth in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.Overcoming Challenges: Navigating the obstacles of career changes and the journey of self-discovery.Tune into this episode to delve into Jerome Myers' inspiring journey and discover how aligning your career with your 'why' can lead to meaningful success and fulfillment.
  • 29. 7 Principles of Authentic Success: Joshua Lee's Journey from Digital Guru to Human Connector

    Meet Joshua Lee. His WHY is Contribute.In this week's episode of "Beyond Your WHY," we're joined by Joshua Lee, a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and the mastermind behind Standout Authority. Known as the dopamine dealer of LinkedIn, Joshua has revolutionized the way we think about digital marketing and human connections online. His journey from managing nearly a billion dollars in ad spend to advocating for authentic relationships in the digital realm offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in both their professional and personal lives.Discover the true essence of contributing to a greater cause and how this can transform your approach to business and personal growth.Learn about Joshua Lee's transition from high-stakes digital marketing to founding Standout Authority, emphasizing human connections over transactions.Uncover the power of authenticity in professional branding on platforms like LinkedIn, and how being genuinely yourself can lead to unparalleled success.Don't miss this opportunity to dive deep into the philosophy that has shaped Joshua Lee's successful career and personal life. Listen to the episode now to unlock the secrets to fostering genuine connections and achieving fulfillment beyond the conventional metrics of success.
  • 28. Navigating Digital Challenges: 3 Major Lessons from a YouTube Pioneer, Aleric Heck

    Meet Aleric Heck. His WHY is Better Way.Aleric Heck is a pioneer in YouTube advertising and the founder of AdOutreach, a company dedicated to helping businesses leverage YouTube to drive growth. His journey from a tech-savvy teenager to a leading marketing strategist provides invaluable insights into the transformative power of video advertising.Discover the strategies that propelled Aleric and his clients to YouTube success.Learn the importance of authenticity in building an online presence that resonates with audiences.Uncover future trends in video marketing and how to stay ahead in the digital landscape.To dive deeper into Aleric's journey and unlock the secrets to YouTube advertising success, listen to this episode of "Beyond Your WHY".Aleric's Free
  • 27. The Power of WHY: Discovering Fulfillment in Your Career and Beyond

    Meet Vered. Her WHY is Better Way.Vered Kogan is a mindset and performance coach who specializes in helping individuals navigate career transitions and achieve personal growth. Her background in engineering and management consulting, combined with her expertise in neuro-linguistics programming and emotional freedom techniques, make her insights invaluable for anyone looking to overcome mental blocks and find fulfillment.Learn how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hinder personal and professional development.Discover techniques for managing stress and embracing change to achieve high performance.Gain insights into the importance of aligning with your "why" for lasting success and fulfillment.Tune in to this episode to unlock the secrets to transforming your mindset and achieving your full potential.Vered's Giveaway: with Vered:https://www. MomentumInstitute.comLinkedIn URL: and/or Instagram handle: