Beyond Your WHY


Simplifying An Industry

Season 2, Ep. 11

Meet John Crowder

His WHY is Simplify

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way)

Simplifying An Industry 

John owns and operates an automotive repair business. He took over the shop from his father in 2011. His father had refused to change his model and the business was about to declare bankruptcy. He was able to revive the business and for the past five years he has been ranked in the top 25 best shops in North America by The Automotive Training Institute. John leaned into his WHY of Simplify in order to bring his business from the brink of destruction to thriving! He broke down everything from work orders to the changes in automotive technology. By breaking every process into steps he was able to simplify the workflow and build a more efficient model.

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