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Beyond Your WHY

How Education Helps You Become A Great Business Owner With Brad Sugars

Season 4, Ep. 47

No one is born to be a salesperson or a leader. They learn to become one. And isn’t it heartening to know that you have the power to be great? In this episode, our guest believes that the only way you can out earn someone is to outlearn them. Putting that philosophy to work, he shows his WHY of Better Way through business coaching with ActionCOACH. Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with its founder and owner, Brad Sugars. Brad shares with us his amazing career journey that taught him lessons on the power of education and coaching. He also talks about the franchise model of his business, why it works, and why he finds it better in keeping ActionCOACH relevant, top of mind, and state of the art. Join this episode to learn more about Brad and why he thinks business is a profitable enterprise that works without you.

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  • 42. 10 Steps to Simplify Your Success: Insights from JM Ryerson

    Meet JM Ryerson. His WHY.os is Simplify - Challenge - TrustJM Ryerson is a business coach and author known for his focus on simplifying success. Growing up in Montana, he learned the power of keeping things straightforward. In this episode, he shares his insights on how simplicity can lead to greater success in both personal and professional life.Learn why simplifying your approach can lead to big wins.Discover the importance of being authentic and vulnerable.Find out how daily acts of kindness can build strong relationships.Listen to the episode now and start simplifying your path to success!Website URL:https://www.letsgowin.comLinkedIn URL: Facebook and/or Instagram URL:
  • 41. 4 Virtues Every Successful Business Person Must Have with Diana Wu David

    Meet Diana Wu David. Her WHY.os is Better Way - Challenge - Trust. In this episode of Beyond Your WHY, Dr. Gary Sanchez interviews Diana Wu David, an expert in future-proofing careers and author of "Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration." Diana shares her insights on how to stay relevant and satisfied in today's fast-changing world. Her practical advice and forward-thinking approach make her a must-listen for anyone looking to thrive in their career.Learn the importance of adapting to change and constantly seeking better ways.Discover why collaboration and networking are crucial for success.Understand the value of experimenting and reinventing yourself.Tune in to this episode for actionable tips and strategies from Diana Wu David that will help you stay ahead in your career. Don't miss out—listen now!
  • 40. 10 Steps to Simplify Your Business Growth with Referral Partnerships with Chad Durfee

    Meet Chad Durfee. His WHY.os is Right Way - Simplify - ChallengeIn this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with Chad Durfee, a seasoned entrepreneur and business growth strategist. Chad is known for helping businesses thrive by creating strategic referral partnerships. His expertise has helped many companies grow their revenue without relying on traditional advertising methods.Learn how to build effective referral partnerships to grow your business.Discover the key differences between referral partnerships and paid advertising.Get practical tips on nurturing long-term business relationships.Listen to this episode to find out how Chad's strategies can help you create lasting and valuable business connections.Contact Chad:Website URL: URL: and/or Instagram URL:
  • 39. AutomationWorx: Jamie McKean’s Secret to Simplified Business

    Meet Jamie Mckean. His WHY.os is Contribute - Make Sense - SimplifyIn this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez interviews Jamie McKeehan, a servant leader and expert in online marketing for coaches and consultants. Jamie has worked with top names like Tony Robbins, and his platform, AutomationWorx, is changing the way businesses handle marketing and sales.Learn how Jamie's early experiences shaped his approach to helping others succeed.Discover the key strategies Jamie uses to simplify complex business problems.Find out how AutomationWorx can save you time and money by streamlining your processes.Listen to the full episode to hear Jamie's story and get practical tips for improving your business.Contact Jamie:https://jamiemckean.comCompany name:AutomationWorxWebsite URL:https://automationworx.coLinkedIn URL:
  • 38. From Ophthalmology to the DJ Booth: 10 Takeaways from Dr. MJ

    Meet Dr. Mitchell Jackson, aka "DJ MJ". His WHY.os is Better Way - Challenge - Trust.In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, host Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with the multifaceted Dr. Mitchell Jackson (DJ MJ), a board-certified ophthalmologist and professional DJ. Dr. Jackson, known for his pioneering work in cataract and refractive surgery, has performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures and introduced innovative treatments like LipiFlo for dry eye syndrome. Beyond his medical career, he captivates audiences as a DJ, performing at major clubs and events, and sharing stages with renowned DJs like Cascade and Zed. His story is one of dedication, innovation, and resilience, making him an inspiring figure in both the medical and music industries.Discover Dr. MJ’s motivation to become an eye surgeon and how his father's vision problems influenced his career choice.Learn how Dr. MJ balances his demanding career as an ophthalmologist with his passion for DJing.Hear about Dr. MJ’s innovative contributions to ophthalmology and his involvement in FDA clinical trials.Tune in to hear Dr. MJ's inspiring journey and uncover valuable insights on balancing multiple passions and excelling in diverse fields. Listen to the full episode now!Follow DJ MJ:Website: @djmjspin
  • 37. The Better Way to Face Fear and Succeed: 10 Lessons from Dr. Betty Uribe

    Meet Dr. Betty Uribe. Her WHY.os is Better Way - Make Sense - Contribute.In this episode of Beyond Your WHY, Dr. Gary Sanchez talks with Dr. Betty Uribe, a top business leader and author, known for her transformative approach to leadership and personal development. Dr. Betty’s WHY is finding a "Better Way," which drives her mission to help others succeed through innovative and effective strategies.Overcome Fear: Learn how to face and move through fear to achieve success.Intentional Living: Discover the importance of aligning your actions with your core values for a fulfilling life.Authentic Leadership: Gain insights into leading with authenticity and the impact it has on building trust and inspiring others.Tune in to hear Dr. Betty’s valuable insights and start applying these lessons to your own life. Listen to the full episode now!Giveaway to our use #Values100% to get a free copy of my book #Values: The Secret to Top Level Performance in Business and LifeContact Dr. Betty Uribe: LinkedIn URL: Facebook and/or Instagram URL:
  • 36. 9 Takeaways from Reef Colman on Living a Purpose-Driven Life: Overcome, Innovate, Succeed

    Meet Reef Coleman. His WHY.os is Challenge - Mastery - Contribute. In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with Reef Colman, an entrepreneur who has overcome significant personal and professional challenges to achieve success. Reef's story is a testament to resilience and the power of understanding one's purpose.Learn how Reef turned early life struggles into stepping stones for success.Discover practical tips for building strong business relationships and trust.Get actionable advice on simplifying complex problems to achieve clarity.Tune in to hear Reef's inspiring story and gain valuable insights that can help you on your own path to success. Listen now!Website URL: LinkedIn Facebook and/or Instagram URL:
  • 35. Mastering Money: 7 Lessons from a Self-Made Millionaire's Journey with Dr. Susie Carder

    Meet Dr. Susie Carder. Her WHY is Contribute. Dr. Susie Carder is a self-made millionaire and a seasoned business coach who has built 10 multimillion-dollar companies. With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial growth and financial expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her practical advice and vibrant storytelling make her a must-listen for anyone interested in business and personal growth.In this episode, you will learn:The key practices that helped Dr. Susie build successful businesses from the ground up.Strategies for financial management that every entrepreneur needs to know.How to make wise choices that lead to long-term business sustainability.Make sure to tune into this episode to hear Dr. Susie Carder share her valuable insights on achieving success in business and life. Don't miss out on these practical tips—listen now!
  • 34. From Near-Death to Full Life: 6 Insights on Turning Crisis and Addiction into Opportunity

    Meet Kellan Fluckiger. His WHY is Contribute. In this week's episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, we meet Kellan Fluckiger, who shares his inspiring story of overcoming personal obstacles and finding his true purpose. Having faced severe challenges including depression and self-destructive behaviors, Kellan offers an honest look at his path to self-discovery and how understanding his "WHY" changed his life.Learn about the impact of self-awareness on personal recovery and growth.Discover practical strategies for turning life’s lowest points into opportunities for success.Gain insights into how speaking openly about struggles can help others.Don't miss this powerful episode! Tune in to hear Kellan Fluckiger's incredible story and learn how you can apply these lessons to your own life. Listen now and start moving towards a more fulfilled and successful you!