Beyond Your WHY


WHY Of Better Way: Enhancing People’s Quality Of Life With James Schmactenberger

Season 4, Ep. 36

Are you constantly seeking better ways to do everything? Join today's guest, James Schmachtenberger, as he demonstrates how he embodies the WHY of Better Way. Through a lot of scientific research, James, along with his company, Neurohacker, is constantly trying to enhance people's quality of life. His supplements, like Qualia Mind, help people become more motivated and effective at what they're doing in life. He wants everyone to become increasingly adaptive to their reality. For James, if you want to live a longer and happier life, you have to start at your foundation. Join Dr. Gary Sanchez as he talks to James Schmachtenberger about how he started Neurohacker. Learn how he was able to buy the college he studied in at 18. Discover how a monk led him to his journey of self-discovery. Find out how supplements work and how they affect your body as a whole. Start hacking your body to find enlightenment today!

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