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In this Between the Post episode, Robb and Bodie unravel the essentials of starting and scaling content. They kick things off with the foundational step of defining your premise, followed by choosing a resonant name and securing relevant social media handles. Dive into the creative side of content creation with insights on designing impactful artwork and selecting engaging intro music. The conversation then pivots to the technical, exploring how to select the best hosting platform for your needs, including considerations for future growth and content exclusivity.

Beyond the mechanics, Robb and Bodie share personal experiences and expert tips on audience engagement and growth, emphasizing the importance of self-compassion and community building in the podcasting journey. Whether you're plotting the launch of your first creation or seeking to deepen your connection with your listeners, this episode offers valuable guidance, inspiration, and practical advice for creators at any stage. Tune in for a roadmap to making your podcast a hit, both with your mission and your audience.

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  • 1. Lamarr Wilson Part 1

    Links: Beyond the Post WebsiteBeyond the Post PatreonBeyond the Post YouTubeLamarr's Links:InstagramTikTokSnapChatWebsiteDescription:🎧 Welcome to Season 2 of Beyond the Post with Rob Dunwood and Bodie Grimm! We're kicking off the new season with a fantastic two-part interview featuring Lamar Wilson, also known as the CEO of Unboxing. Lamar is a gaming and lifestyle social media influencer with over 3 million followers across various platforms.In this episode, Lamar takes us on his incredible journey from being a tech coordinator in Chicago's school system to becoming a prolific content creator. He shares how he transitioned from long-form YouTube videos to short-form content and discusses the challenges and triumphs he’s faced along the way. Lamar's work with major brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more adds fascinating layers to his story.We also dive into Lamar's personal life, exploring how he maintains work-life balance and sets boundaries in the fast-paced world of social media. His candid insights and experiences offer a unique and engaging perspective for both aspiring and seasoned creators.Tune in to hear how Lamar's passion and dedication have shaped his successful career. Don't miss Part 1 of this inspiring interview!
  • 8. Building Beyond the Post: A Look Back on Season 1

    Links: Beyond the Post WebsiteBeyond the Post PatreonBeyond the Post YouTubeDescription:In this wrap-up episode of Beyond the Post, Robb and Bodie reflect on their first season of podcasting together. They discuss their journey from the initial idea to building a show they are proud of. They share insights into their process, including the challenges and joys of working together. They emphasize the importance of finding a good partner or community to support you in your podcasting endeavors. Robb and Bodie also touch on the need for grace and persistence in improving your podcasting skills over time.They highlight the benefits of collaboration and community building, encouraging listeners to seek out like-minded individuals to share ideas and grow together. They announce their plans for season two, which will commence in the first week of July, following a brief break. They reflect on the magic of editing and scheduling content in advance, providing listeners with a peek behind the scenes of their podcasting process. Rob and Bodie invite listeners to join their community on their website and look forward to continuing their podcasting journey in season two.
  • 7. Interview: Send it Social

    Links: Send it Social (Website)Send it Social (Instagram)Send it Social (TikTok)Description:Sierra and Maria, co-founders of Send It Social, discuss their transition from colleagues to business partners, emphasizing the importance of organic social media content for museums. They share their journey of moving from corporate jobs to freelancing during the pandemic, highlighting their collaborative spirit and dedication to creativity. The duo focuses on authenticity in content creation, leveraging their friendship and complementary skills to build a successful social media agency. Their insights touch on the evolving role of audio in social media, tips for promoting podcasts, and the significance of personal branding on LinkedIn. They stress continuous improvement and growth in the industry, rooted in a shared vision and commitment to collaboration.
  • 6. Balancing Profit and Integrity

    Links: Beyond the Post WebsiteBeyond the Post PatreonBeyond the Post YouTubeDescription:In this episode of Beyond the Post, Robb Dunewood and Bodie Grimm delve into the complexities of paid and sponsored content, sharing their experiences and insights on maintaining authenticity and audience trust. They discuss the challenges of balancing commercial opportunities with editorial integrity, stressing the importance of aligning content with audience interests and practicing transparency in promotional activities. Robb and Bodie highlight the significance of ethical considerations and audience engagement in navigating sponsorships, emphasizing collaboration and authenticity in content creation. Through their discussion, they provide valuable insights on handling interviews, ensuring content quality, and upholding editorial standards in the evolving landscape of sponsored and paid content in content creation.
  • 5. Monetizing Content: 7 Effective Strategies

    Links: Beyond the Post WebsiteBeyond the Post PatreonBeyond the Post YouTubeDescription:Robb Dunewood and Bodie Grimm share their top seven strategies for monetizing audio and video content effectively. We discuss everything from merchandising and patronage to affiliate marketing and direct sponsorships, providing you with the tools you need to start earning from your first episode. With each strategy we discuss practical tips and real-life examples to help you understand the best approaches for your content type. Whether you're a budding podcaster or a seasoned YouTuber, this video is your gateway to building a sustainable revenue stream from your creative efforts.
  • 4. Interview: Roger Chang

    Links: X - @JollyRogerDaily Tech News ShowApple Vision ShowIn this episode of Beyond the Post, Robb Dunewood and Bodie Grimm interview Roger Chang, the executive producer and booker of the award-winning Daily Tech News Show. Roger shares insights from his 25-year career producing tech content for television and the web, including his journey from ZDTV to Tech TV and his transition to podcasting.Roger discusses the evolution of tech media from cable TV to web streaming and emphasizes the key role of audience engagement in content creation. He describes the daily operations of producing a show like Daily Tech News Show, emphasizing the importance of clear division of labor and the use of a production calendar to manage multiple moving parts effectively. Roger also shares production tips, recommending a good laptop for flexibility in content creation and stresses the value of self-criticism and continuous improvement through regular review of one's work.Regarding the debate between audio and video content creation, Roger suggests that audio is often psychologically more important to listeners than video, as the brain prioritizes auditory information for comprehension. He discusses the nuances of content creation for different platforms and audience preferences. Additionally, he encourages aspiring producers to have a comprehensive understanding of all elements of production, from scripting to editing, and to actively seek feedback for continuous growth.
  • 2. Interview: Angela Hollowell

    Angela Hollowell:Rootful Media (Website)Honey and Hustle (YouTube)Honey and Hustle (Podcast)Angela Hollowell (Website)Please Hustle Responsibly (Newsletter)Show Details: this episode of Beyond the Post, hosts Robb Dunwood and Bodie Grimm sit down with Angela Hallowell, a dynamic digital creator known for her work as a documentary filmmaker, photographer, podcaster, YouTuber, and creative entrepreneur. The conversation delves into Angela's journey from picking up a camera in 2015 to founding Roofful Media, a production company that amplifies diverse voices through documentary storytelling. Angela shares insights on balancing creative pursuits with business, leveraging her experiences to advise on successful digital creation.Listeners get an in-depth look at Angela's various projects, including her video podcast "Honey and Hustle," which highlights early-stage entrepreneurs, and "Creative Architects" by Castos, focusing on the future of the creator economy. Angela also discusses "Please Hustle Responsibly," a membership community and newsletter where she explores creative entrepreneurship and marketing strategies.The discussion covers Angela's transition from solo creator to leading a team, emphasizing the importance of delegation and the role of subcontractors in scaling her ventures. Angela's story serves as a blueprint for aspiring creators, emphasizing the value of networking, intentional growth, and the strategic use of digital platforms for brand building.Throughout the episode, Angela's passion for storytelling and her commitment to fostering a supportive community for digital creators shine through, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for listeners looking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation.
  • 1. Getting Started

    Show Details: this enlightening episode of Beyond the Post, Robb and Bodie dive into the essential question every budding creator asks themselves: "How do I get started?" Robb and Bodie, leverage their experience to shed light on this universal challenge, offering invaluable insights for creators of all stripes, from podcasters and YouTubers to authors. Whether you're grappling with imposter syndrome, seeking to hone your skills, or simply wondering where to begin, this episode is a treasure trove of actionable advice.Discover why starting is often the hardest part, and learn how to overcome the paralysis of fear and procrastination. Robb and Bodie candidly share their journeys, highlighting the importance of practice, defining your audience, and the pivotal role of community in a creator's growth. They emphasize the significance of sound quality, revealing practical tips to improve your audio, regardless of budget or technical expertise.From embracing vulnerability to mastering the art of critical self-review, this episode is an honest look at the highs and lows of creative pursuits. It serves as a reminder that perfection is not the goal—progress is. Tune in to Beyond the Post for a conversation that's not just about getting started but thriving as a creator in a world that waits for no one. Whether you're making your first step or looking to refine your craft, this episode is your guide to navigating the creative process with confidence and resilience.