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We Are Digital's Matthew Adam

Season 3, Ep. 1

In this new series of Beyond The Capital, we’re exploring how to deal with adversity. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs and business leaders about how they’ve overcome major challenges to build thriving businesses. 

In this episode, Matthew Adam, Chief Executive and Founder of We Are Digital, talks about the ups and downs of running the company he started in his bedroom 10 years ago. The Coventry-based social impact business has now grown to nearly 100 employees with an aim of £10 million in revenue this year. He tells Hilary:

  • How his initial idea was to teach older people how to get
  • How We Are Digital grew during Covid-19
  • Why business is all about the people employed
  • Why it helps to be an optimist

This episode was recorded on 16th February.

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  • 8. The Unfair Advantage's Ash Ali

    In this episode, Hilary speaks to Ash Ali, entrepreneur and author of the book, The Unfair Advantage. Ash was the first marketing director of Just Eat and has helped launch numerous businesses, including his most recent venture, Uhubs.The Unfair Advantage explores how to capitalise on your differences and use them to your advantage. Ash talks about growing up in Birmingham, imposter syndrome, presentism, dealing with failure (and the mindset that helped overcome this) and how results speak for themselves.
  • 7. Lockdown Cyber Security's William Taaffe

    In this episode, Hilary speaks to William Taaffe, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Lockdown Cyber Security. They discuss:Starting the company during the pandemic, targeting finance directors, how an early interest in computers and technology led to a career in cybersecurity and how many businesses still don’t fully appreciate the risks of cybercrime. 
  • 6. Vanti's Mike Brooman

    In this episode, Hilary speaks to Mike Brooman, CEO of Vanti, a Birmingham-based smart buildings and technology company.They discuss the importance of ESB and becoming B Corp certified, the challenge of integrating multiple systems in smart buildings, how Covid-19 and homeworking changed the agenda for office space, how an office should be a cross between a bar and a library and Vanti’s future growth plans.
  • 5. Code Funhouse's Tessy Mosindi

    In the episode, we hear from someone who’s looking to revolutionise the way digital skills are taught in schools. Tessy Mosindi, founder and CEO of Code Funhouse, talks to Hilary about how her work as a teacher has helped her set up her business. Code Funhouse is a platform that teaches kids coding. In this conversation, Tessy describes some of the challenges she has encountered as a tech entrepreneur including; the lack of a network, the funding gap for women and building confidence.
  • 4. Ethco's Surayyah Ahmad Sani

    In this episode, we hear from Surayyah Ahmad Sani, the co-founder of Ethco. Surayyah’s career has spanned two countries on two different continents. She founded Ethco to help consumers access their ethnic groceries and to help small shop owners sell online.Surayyah talks about relocating to the UK from Nigeria, the challenges of being a female entrepreneur with children, how the risks can be greater for a woman if their business fails, the pressure not to talk about family/children as a female entrepreneur, and the funding gap for women, particularly black women.
  • 3. The Equal Group's Mac Alonge

    In this episode, Mac Alonge, founder and CEO of The Equal Group tells Hilary what inspired him to start the business. The Equal Group is an equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy.They talk about: Mac’s 10-year career in the energy and utilities industry working in data and regulation, the transition from being an employee to a founder, work-life balance and flexible working. 
  • 2. FutureMatch's Kufa Matiya

    FutureMatch - a talent-hiring platform - was registered in February 2020, a few weeks before the country went into lockdown.In this episode of Beyond The Capital, Hilary speaks to FutureMatch's CEO and founder, Kufa Matiya about launching the company during the pandemic. He also talks about:Training as a chefLessons learnt from his previous start-upThe disconnect between schools and careersHow machine learning is used by the platformHis squiggly careerWhat 2023 holds for FutureMatch
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    Beyond The Capital from SuperTech is back with a new series for 2023. This time, we're exploring how to deal with adversity.  Entrepreneurs and business leaders speak to Hilary Smyth-Allen about how they’ve overcome major challenges including financial, personal or launching during a pandemic. You'll hear how they've made it through ups and downs to build thriving businesses.Beyond The Capital is a podcast series about the professional services tech scene outside of London.The first episode is out on 14th March. Follow us on Apple, Spotify, or your favourite podcast app.