Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society


Sex Myths

Ep. 66

Why were the ovaries once seen as inverted testes? What words might you use if you were trying to describe a condition 'down there' to your doctor? And why did people once believe that you couldn't conceive a baby whilst standing up?

In this episode of Betwixt the Sheets, we're clearing away the smoke, mirrors and occasional cobwebs from the mysterious realms of sexual science. Kate is joined by Emily Nagoski, author of 'Come As You Are' and expert on sexual wellbeing, healthy relationships, and the prevention of sexual violence and harassment.

*WARNING there are adult words and themes in this episode*

Produced by Charlotte Long and Sophie Gee. Mixed by Anisha Deva.

Betwixt the Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society. A podcast by History Hit.

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