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Royal Sibling Rifts

Ep. 76

Just in case you haven’t heard, a certain prince has released a memoir recently detailing a challenging relationship between him and his brother, the heir to the throne.

But royal sibling rifts are nothing new, in fact we can trace it back centuries… and we’re doing just that on Betwixt the Sheets today.

Kate is joined by Gone Medieval’s Matt Lewis to talk about royal spats in the middle ages and the Tudor period, involving everything from chamber pot pranks to house arrests.

Kate is also joined by biographer Anne Sebba to talk about more recent regal rifts between the Duke of Windsor and King George VI, and of course, a bit about Prince William and Harry (not much, we promise).

*WARNING there are adult words and themes in this episode*

Produced by Charlotte Long and Sophie Gee. Mixed by Sophie Gee.

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This podcast includes music from Epidemic Sound and an archive clip from a 1947 Coronet film.

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